British Airways is said to be providing Wifi for their short-haul flights. Not just any Wifi, but it's said to be the "fastest wifi" up in the air. With the speed of up to 70 mbps, passengers will be able to watch movies through Netflix, tweet, post a status and would possibly be able to use Skype or Facetime. Now, passengers will be able to kill boredom by enjoying a movie and browsing the internet as they stay in the airplane.

According to a report by Daily Mail and Telegraph UK, The parent company of British Airways, which is the International Airline Group, established a deal with Gogo (Chicago-based). By 2019, it was said that 90 percent or 137 of British Airways' planes would have Wifi onboard. The implementation of this plan is presumed to start this coming 2017.

While most American airlines like Delta Airlines already have Wifi on some of their aircrafts, as of now, only long-haul flights of British Airways have Wifi. With these plans instituted, The International Airline Group will be the first European airline to apply this kind of technology. Aside from that, British Airways is also planning on replacing their service drinks and foods into Marks & Spencer snacks.

As said by Mr. Willie Walsh, the International Airline Group's chief executive, "Global connectivity is something they demand and we are providing high-quality connections with innovative technology solutions to improve the travel experience". Although the internet speed might not be as fast as those at homes, British Airways still wants to address the needs and wants of their customers.

As technology develops overtime, it is also important for businesses, including airlines, to be able to cope up with these kinds of development. Since the market or passengers prefer to transact with airlines that provide a better up-to-date service, keeping up with the trend is one of the best approach to please the market. Who knew Wifi could be available 30,000 feet above the ground.