A ski resort in Irkutsk Siberia has put up an 'ice library' near Lake Baikal and encouraged 1,000 locals and tourists alike to carve their wishes and dreams in any language they want. Russia's Ice Library is made of large blocks of ice in a circular shape and spans 800 square meters and is seen to boost Lake Baikal's tourism.

The library has already been filled with hundreds of wishes, and the initiators still invite people to inscribe their aspirations. Many of these people hailed from different countries and carved even in Chinese, Korean, French and Russian.

BBC News reported Maxim Khvostishkov, local tourism chief, and ice librarian, saying, "Last year we announced we would create the Ice Library of Wonders, and asked people to send us their dreams and wishes." Khvostishkov noted that one Chinese wants to climb Mount Everest, a French person who is seeking for love, a Canadian who wants to win the lottery and with other people asking for good health, family, children, and world peace.

The same report also added that many think Russia's Ice Library is made of wonders as one woman shared that she wished to visit New Zealand's Hobbit-like lands and came true. The Ice Library is one campaign Russia wants to see the area grow and developed.

The famous Lake Baikal is already a UNESCO World Heritage Site and considered as the deepest lake in the world. It has a unique ecosystem and fresh water safe enough for people to drink its waters.

The tourism association is still accepting wishes and dreams by the end of February. To those who can't make it to Siberia, one can send their hopes in on this website.

Start sending your dreams and let the tourism association inscribe it to Russia's Ice Library. The ice is only up until it melts in April where it flows back to Lake Baikal.