UK airports are charging travelers double than their usual car park rates when they want their vehicles to stay put on the venue grounds upon vacationing on school breaks and summer peaks. The recent move to increase park charges has angered the public and some airline officials, even calling it outrageous profiteering.

Gatwick Airport has raised its parking rates about half than its usual price at £220 for a week's parking. According to Express UK, even Southampton has increased their fees to £154.50, Aberdeen to £149.99 and London Heathrow to a startling £145.90.

Meanwhile, Manchester's airport is also eyeing to have their prices jack up to twice its rates. Birmingham airport has alarmed locals and official alike when they charge an addition of 57 percent more on April than what it'll be during March.

Scotland airports are drawing dismay from many travelers especially when a kiss and drop policy will take full effect on April on top of the car park charging rates. Edinburgh's current price of £43 will rise to £87 by June.

At Norwich, they charge another £10 for what they call an "Airport Development Fee" to further improve the airport's infrastructure, facilities, and maintenance for ease in traveling. However, this earned an attack from the citizens.

President of the Automobile Association, Edmund King, told The Independent in an interview, "This really is outrageous profiteering and will be a kick in the teeth for many parents of younger children who need the car to get to the airport and then get stung twice with hiked parking and holiday charges."

However, many of these airports explained that demand drove these fluctuations during peak seasons and that they can't accommodate even a rate of £43 on parking rates. Also, Manchester airport also stated that by off-peak seasons, there would be sales and discounts to entice travelers when demand is low.