Google Maps has launched a new feature this week that lets you create, share, and save lists of your travels. The program called 'Lists' is a record of all the destinations you want to go, prepared, and organized in the app in both Android and iOS platforms.

Lists was produced for users to customize their own travel experiences and share them with friends and family. And since Google Maps can track time between two destinations, can tell empty or full parking spaces, and go offline, users of Lists can find the feature more beneficial.

To create a list, the user can look up a location on the map and tap it. One should click the directions button found on the lower right side of the screen, where the user will be taken to a page and must select the Save button in the middle of the screen.

Afterward, Google will ask you which Lists you can add your desired location to. You can save your location to a file you've previously created, or have the choice to make a new one. As stated before, you can view Google Maps offline and therefore, you can visit or edit your Lists without connecting to the internet.

If you want to access your saved Lists, click the menu button, and choose Your Places to locate your Lists. You can also opt to have your Lists private, be made available to the public, or be shared with friends. If you want to make a file of all museums you want to visit or restaurants to go to, Lists lets you customize every experience you want to encounter.

The feature also provides you directions and hours of operation of the places where you want to go, which can find quite handy if you're lost. Though Lists was made available to a limited number of people last year, it made sure to roll out to everyone by February 13.