April 13, 2024 5:56 PM

Google Maps

Google Maps Lets You Create, Share, And Save Lists Of Your Travels

Google Maps launched a new feature this week that lets you create, share, and save lists of your travels. The program called 'Lists' is a record of all the destinations you want to go, prepared, and organized in the app in both Android and iOS platforms.


Top 5 Most Useful Google Apps For Your Next Travel Escapade

Planning a travel escapade can be a daunting task that most people seek the help of professionals to help them. However, instead of shelling out your hard-earned cash, consider utilizing these top 5 most useful Google Apps for your next travel escapade.


Uber Offers Free Travel-Time Data In Uber Movement

Uber Movement shows travel times between two key city destinations at various hours of the day.


Easy Escape: A Virtual Tour To Tough-To-Visit Destinations Through Google Maps

If traveling the world is one of the resolutions you have in 2017, here's the good news! Google Maps has such an amazing trick that can take you to various tough-to-visit destinations without spending a penny in flights or accommodations.


Plan Better Trips With These Travel Apps

Plan better trips with travel apps which include those that will help you book a hotel stay and flight, get a ride in they city, and to help you find local spots to check out,


Travel Tips: How to Use Google Maps Without An Internet Connection

A tip for those who would be traveling this rainy or winter season.


Update! Google Maps with New Features for iOs Users

The 4.23.0 version for iOs 10 is having an interface overhaul with its Nearby Transit and Travel Times widgets that will jive with the new iOs 10 look. Although, not much will be different in functionality but just to match the iOs theme.


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