A few weeks ago, Google Maps for Android were released including new additional features. Now, iOs 10 users will be able to update their devices as well. However, not all features available on Android are also implemented in iOS.

The 4.23.0 version for iOs 10 is having an interface overhaul with its Nearby Transit and Travel Times widgets that will jive with the new iOs 10 look. Although, not much will be different in functionality but it's more to match the iOs theme.

For people who's not familiar with Maps, the Nearby Transit provides information about public transport nearest to the user. Meanwhile, the Travel Times is gives an estimated time of arrival from point A to point B. Travel Times is created to adjust with real-time traffic in an area and other obstructions the users might encounter on the way to their destination.

More so, users of the update will be able to check out descriptions of certain places such as features of the establishment, atmosphere or ambiance of the area, and other amenities the structure have, as published on PhoneArena. One more addition this new app update carries is the ability to upload images and give reviews about the places.

This change will be convenient for its users, especially for travelers when visiting an unfamiliar place since directions, reviews and images are now available for them to consider.

Besides the said features, Google Map version 4.23.0 are implemented with bug fixes and other optimizations for a more user-friendly experience. The update isn't making popularity now, so people who doesn't have it yet can download it from App Store. While others who have it already can just make an update, IBTimes added.

The Google Maps was first launched in 2005, but the iOs version made its way in Apple devices seven years later.