February 24, 2024 8:24 PM

Glory Moralidad

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    Martin Luther King Library Has Closed Renovation And Will Not Open Until 2020

    Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library is now officially closed and won't open for the next three years, various reports say. This summer, the building will be updating its "flagship" branch will consist of constructing a large auditorium and conference center, a ground-level cafe, a newly designed special collections space for researchers and a rooftop event space.

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    Yelp Helps LGBTQQIA Community Finds Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

    Yelp, the User Reviews and Recommendations company for popular destinations, have rolled out a new business feature that helps people find gender-neutral bathrooms as an assistance to the LGBTQQIA community. This is the response of the company when a trans student, filed a lawsuit against his school for denying him use of the boys' restroom.

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    Dublin's New Museum Features Poverty In The Country

    The Dublin Tenement Museum plans to showcase the depressing side of poverty particularly in the worst slums in the UK and will be open to the public in mid-2017.

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    Swimming Pools May Contain Up To Contain 75 Liters Of Urine

    Summer is fast approaching, and most people who can't afford to go to the beach would likely have a dip in their public swimming pool. But how clean the pool would be? Canadian researchers have revealed that a 220,000-gallon pool is likely to contain urine with a volume of 75 liters.

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    Maldives President Wants Mass Tourism Instead Of Sustainable Energy; May Sell Entire Atoll To Saudi

    Maldives President Abdulla Yameen wants to create mass tourism and mega-developments in the island instead of sustainable energy to generate money to fight climate change. Moreover, reports are circulating that the president is negotiating to sell Faafu Atoll, which consists of 19 coral islands, reefs and lagoons to Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz for $10 Billion.

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    V&A Tackles Prejudice With Opera Art Exhibition

    The Victoria and Albert Museum in London will explore more about the prejudice of the opera industry as they partnered with the Royal Opera House to stage an exhibition about the art form from the late-Renaissance Italy up to present day. The initiative is considered to be the first exhibition to explore opera on a grand scale.

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    What To Expect At The Epcot Flower and Garden Festival

    The 2017 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival in Disney World Resort Florida is back bringing more attractions and days of fun this year. From March 1 to May 29, the 90-day celebration boasts of games, outdoors activities, and attractions much bigger than its preceding revelries.

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    LEGO To Create Women Of NASA Toys

    The famed toy company, LEGO, has revealed its new set of toys for the year that was designed by science writer Maia Weinstock, to feature the Women of NASA. The Danish company will be producing the figures inspired from real scientists and engineers to be rolled out in stores in late 2017.

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    How You Can Leave Your Mark On The Florence Cathedral Without Vandalizing It

    Italy has been vigilant in protecting its historical sites from rowdy tourists who continually try to break in and vandalize the ancient location. But, now, the country welcomes travelers to vandal the Florence cathedral without defacing the building itself.

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    Barcelona To Remove Commemorative Signs Of Fascist Dictatorship

    Barcelona's local authorities have finally removed the last of the 367 commemorative signs during the fascist dictatorship era between 1930 and 1970. The signs were dated back in 1975 with the symbol of the bear, the yoke, and arrows - the emblem of the Falange movement.

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    How To Save The Bahamas Swimming Pigs

    Following on the report of dozens of Bahamas' famous swimming pigs were recently found dead in the Major Cay Beach, the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism has now barred tourists from feeding the pigs. Moreover, visitors will stay at a safe distance while taking photos of the animals.

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    Rome’s Colosseum Is Looking For A New Boss

    Rome's Colosseum is looking for a new boss, and instead of opening the vacancy for the directorship of the ancient site to Italians only, the culture office is seeking worldwide applications to those who are qualified to be the next head. The chosen applicant will enter the four-year contract with income earning up to $200,000 annually and $48,000 more in merit.

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    Where to See Art In Aboriginal Australia

    Art lovers in Australia would likely trail along the Northern Territories to see the works and crafts by the Aborigines. The country is known for its longest continuing art tradition in the world and considered as the identity of the Aboriginal community.

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    Ghana At 60 Years Sees The Growing Art Scene

    In line with the celebration of Ghana's 60th year of independence, ANO, an art institution based in Accra will be opening its permanent space on March 4 to highlight the country's arts scene.

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    Japan Holds Annual Rice Paddy Art Creation

    In the village of Inakadate in the northern Aomori Prefecture, locals hold their annual giant rice paddy art made from colorful rice shoots to honor the 2,000-year old rice cultivation of the prefecture as well as to letting people know more about rice agriculture.

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