Tech companies and personalities tie up with Bill Gates' recently renovated resort as the world's richest man seemed to be an influential magnet to other top tech management to hold seminars, talks, and conferences. According to its press release, the Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita, is nearing completion and will become a five-star luxury resort and will fully debut this winter holiday, while "providing an elevated oceanfront paradise tailored to modern meeting-goers and groups."

On December 13, 2013, Cascade Investment LLC of Gates purchased the resort and an adjacent land for $200million. The management said, "The enhancements will bring fresh and innovative spaces to the Resort's already magical landscape, ideal for beachfront meetings, weddings, and private events, along with active experiences for groups including AntiGravity fitness and aerial yoga classes."

Cascade's Investment Chief Investment Officer Michael Larson noted, "We are a significant investor in Mexico and hold a long-term positive view on the country and its economy. This is an outstanding property asset." And apparently, Gates is not the first tech personality to eye the region.

Punta Mita disclosed that top management from Yahoo, Qualcom, Apple, Siebel Systems, Amazon, and British Telecom have expressed their interest in the resort that rests at Banderas Bay. For half a decade, MITA Ventures sees Mexico as the technology connection of Latin America to Silicon Valley.

The company holds an exclusive invite-only networking event of Silicon Valley and Latin America to 'tech investors, entrepreneurs, executives and policy makers.' Known as MITA Tech Talks, the group would like to create a close alliance between Silicon Valley and Mexico's startup communities and to establish Mexico as an innovation bridge between Latin America and more developed markets.

"We believe that Mexico, as a country, will benefit greatly from an economy led by tech innovation," they wrote. MITA Tech Talks is slated on February 12 to 14 to discuss challenges and opportunities that will occur in US-Mexico tech alliances under the Trump presidency.