Introverts have excellent personalities, but they're not too sociable or, let's be honest, ridiculous as some extroverts may be at times. Introverts take more time to show their character since they find comfort in well-recognized scenarios.

It might be concealed under some shyness, but the character is undoubtedly there. When they travel, they like a chillax environment. They want to go out and explore on their own so to keep the experience to themselves.

They don't mind interaction as long as they have enough privacy to digest the sceneries. If you're an introvert, here are some great spots for you.

Bergamo, Italy. The place is perfect for people who are into art, literature, and history. Bergamo looks like time stood still during the medieval ages with its cobblestone streets and brickworks. For the introvert, it's a place of thought, drama, and flair. Sites worth visiting are the Torre del Campanone, Accademia Carrara, La Rocca, and Chiesa del Santo Spirito among many others.

Sion, Switzerland. The sun-blessed town of the Swiss has only 30,000 citizens and boasts of having 7,000 years' worth of history. The mountains, valleys, lakes should be visited as to refresh or recharge the introvert's old soul. The Castle Church of Valeria houses one of the world's oldest playable organs, while the Old Town has lines and lines of historical monuments. Head to their museums and wine-making regions and talk to thought-industry individuals. There are also thermal spa resorts for some down time.

Voyageurs National Park, Minnesota, USA. If you want to contemplate your place in the world, this American park, takes your mind off and sets your eyes towards the heavens. Why? The Aurora Borealis glows brightly at Voyageurs and the stars gleam luminously at night. If you're heaven's child, there is no better place than to camp here and talk to your nightly constellations.

Pilgrim's Rest, South Africa. The entire town has been declared as a National monument. Pilgrim's Rest is pretty chill and quirky, so, it would bode well to an introvert's characteristics. This part of Africa boasts scenic routes and sights. If you drive up to Robbers Pass up to the Wild Horses, no other song would be more appropriate than blasting "Here I Am" and "I will always return" by Bryan Adams. Bask in the great outdoors and wonder at the sights of Pinnacle Rock, Lisbon Falls, Blyde River Canyon and Bourke's Luck Potholes among many others.

Skopje, Macedonia. Try walking on cobble streets reminiscing what was like in the past before the advent of technology. Čaršija is a destination you might want to go if you want to head to the market area, craftsmen's stores and teahouses. But who says it's all full of old stuff? Archaeological Museum of Macedonia also offers 3D renditions of Macedonia's history. Other sites worth visiting are the Tvrdina Kale Fortress, Museum of Contemporary Art and Ploštad Makedonija.