February 24, 2024 8:09 PM

Glory Moralidad

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    What To Expect At London's Free Cheese And Wine Festival

    Last year, the East Village in London had organized the Chocolate Festival, and now they will be hosting London's Free Cheese and Wine Festival on the first weekend of April, displaying the finest artisan cheese and wine from over 25 retailers. Lovers of the two treats will gather in one place as the festival opens the celebration to everyone free of charge.

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    Jewel-Encrusted Skeletons On Display In Germany

    A trip to Bavaria, Germany wouldn't be complete without visiting a nearby Bavarian Church that has saintly jewel-encrusted skeletons on display. The Furstenfeld Abbey has dressed two Catholic saints in gold and jewels as they lie encased in a lavish glass case.

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    Newly Christened Planet Is Named Bernard

    The Australian Citizen Science Project contested to have a minor planet named 'Bernard' to honor the founding chairman, Dr. Bernard Bowen of the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR). theSkyNet won the competition during the NameExoWorlds organized by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) to name the said planet as Bernardbowen or Bernard for short.

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    The Five Best Scuba Diving Sites In The Philippines

    The Philippines is considered by many as one of the world's best diving spots especially when one gets to experience swimming in its clear waters and among the coral reefs. One can find plenty of diving spots in the country with the abundant dive resorts.

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    Cathay Pacific Introduces World’s First In-Flight Beer

    Being in an airplane 35,000 ft above the ground can alter travelers' taste buds. Therefore, a well-made brew is needed to challenge the issue. Now, Cathay Pacific Airways, Hong Kong Beer Company, and McCann Worldgroup have teamed up to create the world's first in-flight beer.

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    Visiting Prague? Here Are Five Spots That You Must Not Miss

    A day in Prague makes you wonder if you have stepped back in time as your eyes have been filled with thousands of domes, steeples, and towers. In fact, the city even earned the moniker as the "city of a thousand spires."

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    This Beer Promotes US National Parks

    Utah's largest brewery wants you to hike and visit US National Parks as their beer cans promote these outdoor spots with their exclusive Rotating Parks Series packaging. Uinta Brewing will release limited editions of their packaging, featuring different National Parks around the country.

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    Philadelphia Has A Traveling Beer Garden

    Philadelphia's first and only mobile beer garden is set to travel to 20 city parks in the summer to quench the thirst of the locals while at the same time promoting parks and conservation.

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    Slide Down Four Storeys High At A Mall In China

    Mall shoppers in Nanping Shanghai Bailian, China, can now enjoy sliding down in a four-story spiral slide in just about 12 seconds. The ride is about 160 feet high, enclosed in transparent spirals for shoppers to enjoy the experience.

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    Davis Museum Covers Art In Black Fabric As Travel Ban Protest

    More and more artists are becoming enraged with President Donald Trump's immigration law with thousands of them holding exhibitions and art protests in their ways. Davis Museum at Wellesley College staged dissents by removing all artworks and covering them in black cloth that was created or given by immigrant artists.

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    Snow In The Alps Might Melt Sooner Than You Think

    There's a big chance that the snow in The Alps might melt sooner than you think. In fact, it is predicted that if people will not change their carbon emission activities, the Alps might lose 70 percent of its snow by 2100. But, if people can keep global warming contained and be below 2°C, the snow would only be reduced to 30percent by the end of the century.

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    US Hoteliers: US Hoteliers: Even Smokers Don't Like Smoking Rooms

    More and more hotels across the US want to eradicate smoking in their establishments to help tourists stay healthy while traveling. Moreover, the initiative aims to have hotel guests no longer get choked and be exposed to the carcinogenic components of cigarettes and tobacco.

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    Five Most Dangerous Roads In The World

    Do you want to hit the roads? Tourists would like to cruise to find cool sceneries, hidden spots, adventure, and fun. Every year, though, we hear the news stories that the number of people killed on the roads. Mostly, it's the driver's mishaps. But we also have to survey the roads where they travel.

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    Canada Holds Frozen Hair Competition

    It's the dead of winter in Canada, but the country is not in shortage of any fun. The Takhini Hot Springs holds its annual frozen hair competition every February where people can enjoy warm waters coupled with the cold air to create icy updos.

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    A 100-Year-Old Tango Theater Is Now A Heavenly Bookstore

    Upon stepping inside the El Ateneo Grand Splendid, book lovers will be wondering if whether they've fallen into a bygone era. Maybe, in fact, they did. It was a tango theater, then, an opera house, and afterward, a movie theater, before finally becoming a heavenly bookstore for bibliophiles.

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