It's not a Merry Christmas Winterland in the United States especially when a polar vortex is taking shape this week. The winter weather has already begun beating parts of the country with snow.

On Sunday, the cities of Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan Minnesota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin have been hit with eight inches of snow before winter could begin as reported by USA TODAY. Also published is Granite Falls and Minnesota being unloaded with snow that reached more than 10 inches. Chicago had four inches of snow on Sunday.

The National Weather Service calculated that the weather would roll to Upstate New York and New England. It is expected that the snow in the cities would reach around six inches or so and higher in the mountains.

Also reported by NWS, there will be a "low pressure developing along the coast Monday morning and move towards the Bay of Fundy later Monday." Snow will cover the entire area but could change to rain in Coastal Hancock County and New York in the morning. Snow will be heavy in Southern Piscataquis and Penobscot counties.

Winter storm warning remains in effect from 3 am to 4 pm Monday. Snow can now mount up seven to ten inches.

Charles Williams, Chicago Streets and Sanitation commissioner, however, was unfazed by the storm. In an interview with Chicago Tribune, he said, "We anticipate a normal morning rush on Monday," Williams started. "Everybody goes to work. No excuses to take off. The streets will be clear."

The Polar Vortex is a huge area of high pressure and cold air that rests on the North Pole. It will expand and spread to various cities in the country through the jet stream.

Concerned citizens speculate whether what they're going through will be similar to the one that hit the country in December 2013.