What's a countdown without a bang? And where's the best place to go but in Asia, who mastered New Year with a sky full of fireworks? With 2016 fast coming to an end, we give you our top five best places in Asia to celebrate the New Year!

New Year's Eve bodes well in Singapore every year, and the famed Marina Bay Sands has made it even more impressive with its Supernova Countdown. This is where the best skyline of the country is located, and you can just hang out by The Helix, Clark Quay, and the Eye. Sentosa Island is also a good place to go given that this is where all kinds of happenings and parties are held.

In Seoul, South Korea, everything there is decorated with lights and tinsels. The city arranges numerous concerts and free events for people to enjoy. Fireworks will light the sky on New Year's Eve with the biggest and most stunning of them all is to be fired up on the River Han. Another popular destination is the Olympic Park where family and friends can gather around to music, food and entertainment before the fireworks begin.

There will be a monster-sized stage on Taipei, Taiwan in celebration for New Year's Eve. Taipei 101 Building is where the display of fireworks will be. A couple of places will be holding so much of the parties. So, groove to the beat of the drops in Grand Hyatt Hotel, Room 18, Luxy and ATT Show Box. Night life lives in Taiwan.

Go to Tokyo, Japan with a full view of its bay - that's where all the fun starts to happen. Tokyo Bay has the most splendid fireworks display in the country. Also, you can get to experience Hatsumode, an event when people visit the temples for the very first time in the entire year. A bell will ring 108 times to commence the New Year.

There will be more fireworks displa in Hong Kong, and the best view is located on the 118th floor of the Ritz-Carlton where the year 2017 will see a Great Gatsby party. But, technically you can be in the harbor. The Fireworks will be held at midnight December 31 with the countdown starting from 60 seconds before midnight. Best to pack your bags and book early this year!