Disney will forever be in our hearts. From Snow White to Moana, or the newly bought Marvel and Lucas films, we can't deny that their movies, either live-action or animated ones, have captivated us to the point that the company has installed new features on Disneyland.

What will happnen next yearPerhaps the biggest news coming to Disney is that the world of Avatar, Pandora, will be coming this summer with an interactive experience among the floating mountains and glowing forest. Over mountain banshees and boat rides, people can get around Avatar and see realistic animatronic figures of animals and characters.

Also to be featured during the first few months of the year, a Star Wars themed experience will get you to meet characters, enjoy a seven-hour tour about Star Wars, themed dining and parties and a seat to the Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular fireworks show.

A new show will be featured that brings the Muppets to present stories from American History. And speaking of American history, the Hall of Presidents will be closed by the second week of January and only to be opened six months later to add Donald Trump.

If you want to have that Disney experience well enough not to be bothered by the crowds, here's a scoop on when is the best time to visit the parkThe first week of January will be jam-packed for New Year's specials up to the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend on Jan. 4 to 8. Things will get quieter until the last week of February for the Disney's Princess Half Marathon Weekend.

See the peaks growing by March to May. Summertime is when families would love to go here. Expect a major jam-packed park around flowery May. The next roll of months is a good time to visit. It's not that crowded, though thousands of people will still be treading over there.

Begin anticipating for the last three months of the year where the park will be celebrating Halloween parties, Marathons and Food and Wine Festivals in time for the holiday spirit. December is crazy with a hundred thousands of people going there.