The live "Mad T Party" show at Disneyland's California Adventure park gave its audience an awesome musical experience that features an "Alice in Wonderland" movie themed. The nighttime dance party ended on March this year but its purpose continued to give smile and happiness to those music-loving people. Guitars that were used by a live band on the show are now up for auction. Those were adorned with a full color graphic of the Dormouse character from the Tim Burton-directed movie.

The guitars were owned by Yamaha Corporation of America and later sent back to its headquarters in Buena Park. They are the official sponsor of the Disneyland Resort's musical instruments. David Jewell, a Yamaha Marketing Communications Manager and a member of the creative council of the Anaheim City School District Education Foundation said in a report from The Orange County Register, "I thought an auction of the guitars would be a good way to support getting musical instruments back into some of the schools." The proceeds of the online auction will be donated to the said foundation.

According to the foundation and the district superintendent, Linda Wagner, they aim to get enough instruments and funding. These will be used by those in fifth and sixth grade at each school. The kids will be able to pick, learn and play a wide variety of musical tools. She said, "It's an example of one of the partnerships we have with Yamaha and other companies, including Disneyland, about getting music back into our schools." The council celebrates its second year and as an achievement, they were able to have adequate number of musical instruments for the after-school orchestras in 15 schools and permanent teachers in 10 of the 24 schools they handle.

The guitars are Yamaha Pacifica and the bass is model BB1024x. The latter is auctioned with a gig bag and Mad T Party luggage tag. These are now on sale and can be seen at an online auction on Yamaha's website