February 21, 2024 5:46 AM

Glory Moralidad

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    'Horny Beer' Is A Hit In Sweden; World Wants It Too

    A Swedish brewery just recently launched its drink and proved to be an instant hit, with their beer, sold out in just one day. The success is all because Brewery Ljusdals Bryggeri's beer is named "Kåtöl," roughly translated to as "Horny Beer."

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    Mickey Mouse Is Charging Tourists $310 For A Photo

    Mickey Mouse is charging tourists to take photos with him for $310 in what seems to be a scam in Times Square. While Disney is not behind this rip-off, certainly it was 52-year-old, Lester Mengersen, who made headlines three years ago when he clamored that costumed actors are not bad.

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    Tourist Arrested For Vandalizing Colosseum With Ancient Coin

    How does one create lasting memories of being in a historical site? For sure, a 45-year-old, French woman decided to vandal the Roman Colosseum with an ancient coin and was arrested by Italian police for defacing the monument.

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    This Airport Jacket MIght Be The Answer To Excess Baggage Problems

    Why have your luggage checked in when you can just wear it with the new Airport Jacket that has 14 deep pockets that could carry items up to 15 kg. Manufacturing company, Juice Promotions Australia, wants tourists to have a seamless travel experience by getting rid of excess baggage problems.

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    Boy Picks Up 120 Million-year-Old Dinosaur Tooth In South Africa

    It was a simple family day at the Knysa beach two years ago when Benjamin Ingel strayed away from his cousins to play along with the shore. Little did he know he would be picking up a 120 million-year-old tooth that belongs to an Allosaurus dinosaur roaming the earth during the Cretacean period.

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    One Million Kangaroos Expected To Be Culled In Australia This Year

    To protect endangered grasslands and wildlife, Australia will see to culling about one million kangaroos this year. Animal activists are baffled and angry at the same time with how Australia treated its animals despite defending that it's for the good of the environment.

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    Five Of The Best Cameras For Travel Vlogging

    Vlogging is seen as the trend today, and more people do video blogging than write off an article that sells. Travel vloggers are besetting up hits and followers on YouTube and take in fantastic revenues from individuals who view their videos.

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    'Butt Aircraft' Set To Take Off Once Again

    Famously called as the "flying bum," "butt aircraft," and "Kim Kardashian" due to its resemblance of the human rear, the Airlander 10, the world's largest aircraft is set to take off once again to the skies after a severe crash last year in Bedfordshire. The manufacturer, Hybrid Air Vehicles, have announced that they have restored and rebuilt the damages when it hit a power line upon its test flight in August 2016.

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    Newly Discovered 8th Continent Is Called Zealandia

    Scientists discovered what seems to be the 8th continent of the world with 94 percent of the land is submerged underwater. The new continent is named Zealandia after it has been revealed that it comprises New Zealand and New Caledonia islands.

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    New In Las Vegas: Move Over Gambling Tables, Here Are New Arcade Games For Hipsters

    We often tag Sin City with showgirls, cards, dice rolls, and slot machines that dominate the gambling nightlife of Las Vegas. However, they seem to be a thing of the past, now that Vegas is rebranding itself to be an arcade center for hipsters.

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    What Is The Coolest Tree In Europe? Comeptition Is Set To Find Out

    Europe holds one of the most wonderful places in the world. And do you know what else they consider beautiful? Their trees. This year, Europe is set to find the coolest tree with its European Tree of the Year Award, and there are 16 contending countries vying for a spot in the limelight with their entries.

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    Meet The Beast: World’s Biggest Inflatable Obstacle Course

    Do you remember the inflatable bouncer you played, which gives you hours of fun and enjoyment when you were a kid? Now, you can relive those memories when you were a child if you heard of The Beast, the world's biggest inflatable obstacle course for adults.

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    Iceland's Northern Lights Distract Drivers; Police Tells Motorists To Keep Eyes On The Road

    Beauty can be blinding. And that's what police in Iceland are worrying about when drivers ogle at the Northern Lights. Reports are piling up that people behind the wheels are often found driving erratically as they gaze the lights while cruising on the streets.

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    Moscow Offers Free Books On Planes and Trains

    Anyone in Moscow right now will be able to enjoy free books on planes and trains as the Russian city launched the initiative of having virtual bookshelves on both transportations. Called 'A Book for a Trip,' it was started on December at different terminals around Moscow to offer travelers an insight as well as good reads from Russian literature when they're traveling.

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    World's Largest Musical Instrument Is A Piano Organ In A Cave

    If you happen to wonder what the largest musical instrument in the world is, one might say a piano or a harp, but the real answer is not what it seems. In Luray Caverns, in Virginia, lies the Stalacpipe Organ, the largest musical instrument that looks like your typical piano organ.

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