Airbnb is stepping up with a mobile application that's far beyond renting rooms. The company launched the "Trips" program that lets travelers book activities in the local community where they are going to stay.

These "Experiences" are tours and community events created and told by local hosts. Hosts give travelers an insight on regarding the lifestyle of a particular community in their city. Visitors can book experiences tailored to their passions. They can tour the streets with Miami's cycling community or join in the Cuban music and dance scene.

Airbnb Open, CEO Brian Chesky said during their Airbnb Open conference in Los Angeles on November 17, that he believed, "travel should be magical and easy." He continued posing the question, "How do you immerse in a local community?"

Chesky shared that Airbnb organized the application not just by a city, but by passion. Users get to meet locals who share the same interests like they do and how it is in their area or they can also try experiencing something new.

In Tokyo, Tetsuro, a samurai artist who worked in films like "Kill Bill," would like to show travelers how a samurai's life is not limited to killing enemies with a sword

Bettsie Bon Bon, a 10-year showgirl in one of London's active burlesque scene, will take guests to an exclusive lesson about burlesque in Camden, where they get to shop for corsets and dress up before watching a live burlesque show in a club.

"Experience" offers these programs in immersions and one day experiences. Immersions last several days and are offered according to schedule. One day experiences can last two to four hours.

For now, experiences are only available in selected cities. For bookings, one can download the Airbnb app on iOS or Android platforms. Look for the Experiences section then choose a city date and experience.