Staying in hotels when you travel is really comfortable. However, for the past few years, lots of websites and application software's emerged that allows travelers to look for accommodations from different parts of the world right on their fingertips. One popular website that has been used by many travelers is Airbnb. Airbnb provides you a list of accommodations depending on which country you'll be visiting. Most of these accommodations are houses or pads for rent that are much cheaper than hotels. You'd get to choose what kind of place you would want to stay in as you travel. According to Express UK, the best Beachfront Pad available in Airbnb is quite amazing and is world-class.

This so-called "best beachfront pad" is located in North Bondi, Sydney, Australia. Its wonderful pad, breath-taking environment and good services surely makes it one of the best. The owner of this top-notch pad is the couple Kevin and Vanessa Vartto. As they were away to visit their family members in Canada, they made use of their home through Airbnb accommodations. But as they see how successful and famous their house is, they decided to move into another house and use their pad for rent accommodations.

With a price of £400, the beachfront pad could accommodate six people with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Upon the guests arrival, they are given cheese and wine. Breakfast, fruit hampers, organic barbecue meat packs, champagne and flowers are also provided by the concierge service of the pad. Services such as a coffee machine, 1200 thread linen, Molton Brown toiletries, Netflix and Wifi are also offered for the comfort of the guests staying in.

One of the reason you should choose this beachfront pad for your accommodation once you're in Australia according to Vanessa Vartto is, "You can stay in a hotel in two or three separate rooms where the cost is going to be higher and you may be on different floors from each other. Or, you can stay in a home and be together." She also added that "You'll have a large lounge are where you can sit together and socialize- and you're going to have one of Australia's best views. As the saying goes, "connections are better found at home". With this extraordinary Beachfront pad in Australia, staying in may surely give you the best value and experience from your travel.