Television's favorite cartoon pig will visit Australia, featuring in a 60-minute marathon special on March 16, 2017, and three episodes that will be aired on television by mid-year. According to Gold Coast Bulletin Australia, Peppa, George and Mommy and Daddy Pig visited their Kylie Kangaroo and his family, Wallaby, a platypus, koala and more, for the First Cinema Experience: Peppa's Australian Holiday.

The characters get to travel to Uluru, the Australian outback, Great Barrier Reef, and Sydney. Alongside Peppa and her family, more all-star casts will be joining like Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Modern Family and The Simpsons.

Further reported by GCB, Tourism Australia Managing Director John O'Sullivan received the prospect positively that the show will boost Australia's tourism industry. "Our impossibly cute kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, wombats, echidnas, and quokkas already do a wonderful job of luring international travelers, but we're delighted to receive a bit of additional animal advocacy from Peppa Pig and her family," he added.

Managing Director of Entertainment One Licensing Australia, Trish Padoin, happily noted to see Mommy Kangaroo as a marine biologist who introduces Peppa's family to the Great Barrier Reef, exploring the coral reefs and what it's like below. Australia quoted Padoin as saying that Peppa and her family "also go to the beach, learn to throw a boomerang, explore our amazing coral." She continued saying, "For us, it's about exciting the fans, and we're so proud to have her here and show her our beautiful country."

The show is interactive, featuring dances and songs and live action footages and lasts for an hour with nine episodes. The Australian feature is part of the seventh season of the series.

After Australia, Peppa will continue her traveling to London where she gets to visit the zoo and a trip along the canal.