Where can you find the best Pokemon in your city? How about in the world? If there's anything Niantic has proved to us is that in each country, various Pokemon or specs can be availed. Here are the top five spots in the world where you can find the best.

Disney World, Orlando, Florida. Who knew Pikachu and Mickey are such great friends? You can see a bunch of Pokemon wandering about Disney Park looking so happy. And why not? They're in the happiest place on earth! Newsflash, there's so many Pokestops around the park. Expect to find a lot of water Pokemon and...Pidgeys around. Stay near in hotels to catch them.

 New York City. Head to Central Park and get the chance of finding Electabuzz, Chansey and Dragonite among others. Aerodactyl, Charizard, Wheezing and more are up for grabs in Bryant Park, players said so in Reddit. Generally, just head to crowded public areas an you'll find many pokestops . Be careful, though!

Rome, Italy. What can you find in Rome other than the statuesque of sleeping gods and goddesses? A sleeping snorlax somewhere. They say if you go to the Coliseum, you'll find fighting Pokemons. Well, Makuhita has been found by a lot of players. Twinnies Espeon and Umbreon of Eevee are said to be there.

London, UK. London has fallen down to the Pokemon craze. Gamers say Mr. Mime is only available to Europe, therefore, being in London can heighten your possibility to catch him. Scyther is around King Edward VII Memorial Park and its nest so does Vulpix if you want to have a Ninetales. Eevee Pokemons also loiter around good ol' Big Ben. Rumors say you can find rarer Pokemons in London.

Melbourne, Australia. G'day mates! You can catch Dragonite in FlagStaff Gardens Lilydale Lake and Lapras in Altona. If you want weird, psychic Jynx, scurry to North of Macleod Station. The University of Melbourne will see Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee kicking about. But I guess the guys in Finder Australia has a list of all the sighted Pokemons in their place.