Either you hate him or you love him, Donald Trump gets one supporter in Kurdistan - with the man even naming his restaurant as Trump Fish in Dohuk, Iraq to honor the 45th President of USA. Nadyar Zawiti, the owner, said he heard Trump giving his respects to Kurdish forces and even call on the US for arms against their fight to ISIS forces, CNN reports.

The restaurant sells Iraq's national dish, maskouf, a fish grilled on an open fire. Never minding Trump's strong policy to ban Muslims from entering the States, he hopes to open a branch of his restaurant near the White House if the president would allow him.

Zawiti told CNN, "What I admire about Trump's personality is that he's decisive, he's tough, and hopefully with that toughness, he'll finish ISIS off." But it seemed like the businessman has only respected Trump but named the restaurant just for marketing purposes he told Washington Post.

And how far his marketing stint will go now that Zawiti got the logo of his business from Uproxx when the pop culture site tried mashing up Trump's face into the logo of every NFL team. "Iraq's hottest new restaurant is 'Trump Fish,' and it stole its logo from Uproxx," Uproxx tweeted.

The website disclosed that it was their Dave Rappocio's design of the San Diego Chargers. The site continued to say that since the president's election results, all there has been are jokes about him.

"We can't help but feel conflicted about how lightly we took it all back then, and maybe Trump Fish will regret tying their business to his brand in a few months or years, but it's still okay to laugh at Trump, so that's what we'll do here - as we think about drawing up cease-and-desist letters," Uproxx wrote. "Hey, we learned it from watching Trump."