When the Arcade Hotel Amsterdam opened last year, owner Daniel Salmanovich couldn't help but smile when his hotel had people wanting what is known as the world's first gaming hotel. It has its doors closed now until it will reopen in May for a much bigger expansion.

Currently, it has nine rooms that, as Travel Daily News puts it, "an exquisite offer of cult consoles, console games and retro gaming facilities in the lobby - traveling gamers could hardly believe their eyes." To further boost the hotel's features and offers, the management has decided to renovate the hotel together with creating more rooms which bring it to 43.

It will take them €800,000 to have it realized when they would be including game rooms with virtual reality gadgets and the newest consoles and gaming PCs. Lonely Planet noted that "that's on top of the current crop of gaming machines on offer including Ataris, Nintendo Entertainment Systems, Gameboys, PlayStations, Game Cubes, Super Nintendos, N64s, and Xboxes."

The hotel also has comic book libraries which readers could geek out with fellow comic lovers. And it seemed that in every nook and corner, there are gaming consoles for those who wanted to play.

They have gaming menus from Atari like Centipede, Asteroids and Space Invaders to Xbox' Brothers In Arms, Tom Clancy and Quantum Redshift. Of course, the hotel also offers talks and gaming events and contests.

What will people expect to see in the new renovations? Bigger rooms could mean event venues and board meetings of the gaming industry or by the locals themselves when they want to have a LAN party.

Travel Daily News reported that "Salmanovich is in negotiations with the biggest players in the gaming industry, looking at different partnership models." Will this mean more major news that Amsterdam can place itself as one of the gaming leaders in this time?

People can only wait and speculate on what the renovations would look like and bring.