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Pride Parade

Pride 2018: The Best LGBTQ-Friendly Places You Must Visit This Year

In celebration of the pride month, cities all over the world are gearing up for the Pride Parade. So get your plane tickets and rainbow-colored flags ready for these LGBTQ-friendly cities that will awaken your pride.


General Views of Amsterdam

Best Cities In The World For Millennials To Live In Revealed

Millennials are looking outside the U.S. in search of the best cities in the world for them to live in.


Bellagio fountain

Five Luxury Hotels You Can Stay In For Less Than $200 A Night

Experience any of these five luxury hotels without breaking the bank with just under $200 per night.


The Arcade Hotel

World’s First Gaming Hotel in Amsterdam To Reopen In May 2017

When the Arcade Hotel Amsterdam opened last year, owner Daniel Salmanovich couldn't help but smile when his hotel had people wanting what is known as the world's first gaming hotel. It has its doors closed now until it will reopen in May for a much bigger expansion.


London 2012 - London Transport

Amsterdam, Copenhagen, & London Tours: The Best Affordable European Alternatives

Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and London now have European counterparts in Turin, Utrecht, and Manchester. See why they can be better for an affordable vacation.


Heineken Experience - Amsterdam

Heineken Experience: Inside The Most Visited Attraction In Amsterdam

Take a look inside the unique attractions in store in Heineken Experiece, the museum devoted to Heneiken Beer's rich history.


Obamas Take Part In Lighting Ceremony For National Christmas Tree

Christmas Holiday Travel: Best Places To Experience Merrier Christmas

Christmas day is fast approaching! For those ravelers who wanted to explore a merrier Christmas, here are some destinations best fit for you.


General Views of Madeira

Travel Tips: The Cheapest Destinations For 2017

As 2016 is closing, these 2017 tourist destinations are the cheapest for any amount of budget.


Airbnb | Is Airbnb legal or illegal In Paris, London and Amsterdam ? | Part 3 of 3

Airbnb Enforces Rental Limits On Amsterdam And London, Which City Is Next? Locals Bid Goodbye To 'Disneyfication'

Airbnb and the City of Amsterdam strikes a deal that will prevent the threat of disneyfication of the city and better regualte short-term leases.


Amsterdam Dance Event

The Amsterdam Dance Event

Amsterdam Dance Event began in 1996 as a conference attended over three days by 300 delegates and 30 DJs. All of this took place at the famous De Balie, a theatre, center for politics and cultural hub. Now, the event spans across a whopping 115 venues over five days.


Top 10 Places to Visit in EUROPE

Five Places To Visit In Europe

The five places to visit in Europe include Morcote, Amsterdam, Church of Peace, Carcassone, and Prague.


Delta Announces Quarterly Earnings And Reductions In Capacity Over Brexit

Overheated Samsung Tablet Blamed for Delta Flight Emergency Landing in Manchester

A passenger jet was forced to do an emergency landing to Manchester when a Samsung tablet began emitting smoke after overheating.


Airport Terminal

Lost? Airport Robot Will Help You

Meet Spencer, the airport robot that will help you when you get lost. This artificial intelligence robot is currently for trial at the Amsterdam airport. This robot is KLM's answer to more and more passengers missing their flight every year because they get lost.


Anne Frank

Anne Frank's Marbles And Toys Found With Old Friend: "These remind us that she was just a little girl."

Shortly before Anne Frank went into hiding from the Nazis, she gave some of her belongings to a non-Jewish friend who lived next door.


The Filming Locations Have Been Announced

The Fault In Our Stars: Visit The Filming Locations!

The film adaptation of John Green's novel, The Fault In Our Stars, has been getting people excited over the past few weeks and this has reached fever pitch with the release of the brand new The Fault In Our Stars film trailer, and the filming locations have just been announced...


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Visit and Experience the Fabric and Culture of Tunis

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