As 2016 is wrapping up with mixed emotions, some people are packing up happily for 2017. There is a predicted decline in Economy fares for short haul trips of 3% while a 1.5% decline is predicted for long haul trips.

There is also a predicted decline  in hotel rates in Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa. With these predictions, travellers are setting their sights on these locations as cheap travel destinations for 2017.

First on the list is Amsterdam, featured in the 2004 movie "EuroTrip," Amsterdam has been a destination for freedom of expression. Traveling to Amsterdam is made cheap with budget offers from trans-Atlantic airlines during the turn of 2017. Hotels in Amsterdam give budget-friendly deals during the off-season. The Hilton Amsterdam Hotel offers rooms for $180 per night while The Dylan has packages that can save up to 45%.

Next is Madeira which is found in Portugal, around 750 miles away from Lisbon. This destination is famous throughout the year but is cheaper during the winter due to cooler temperatures. A two-bedroom home averages $650 a week while 4 to 5 star hotels cost for $100 a night.

For travellers straight from the US, Mazatlan in Mexico is one of the cheapest destinations for 2017 with its exchange rate of $1 for 20.69 Mexican pesos at the time this is written. Considered as the shrimp capital of Mexico, a diversity of dishes are accessible. Most of Mazatlan's hotels are not part of huge chains making it affordable up to $100 for a family of four.

Last on the list and the most cost-efficient is South Africa. Now with a more developed tourism infrastructure, it has become a prominent tourist destination. Using Uber to go from one place to another can only cost up to $20 dollars in total. Locally produced wines come at around the cost of a can of soda. While luxurious hotels in New York cost around $700, a similar level of luxiry costs around $250 in South Africa.