The Amsterdam Dance Event is a five-day industry and entertainment extravaganza scattered across numerous venues all throughout the iconic Netherlands' capital city. The festival boasts some of the biggest names in the international electronic club scene as well as its fair share of upcoming and underground artists.

The Amsterdam Dance Event is held every October, meaning it bookends the tourist and travelers' season and carries over some of September's usually favorable weather, providing attendees with exciting sights and sounds to feast their senses upon.

In its entirety, the festival involves an astronomical 450 conference and music events, noteworthy would be the 2000 plus DJs. Because things really take off at night, when the who's who of club music scene take over the town.

The Amsterdam Dance Event is composed of three parts, namely, the Festival, the Conference and the Playground. And along with both new and legendary clubs that gave Amsterdam's reputation as a leading force in dance music, several different buildings and unconventional venues temporarily transform for the sake of the nighttime festivities.

Every year the festival attracts 350,000 attendees, visitors and all kinds of travelers from around the globe and is truly the biggest international club festival covering the whole spectrum of electronic sub-genres.

Amsterdam is one giant playground for grown-ups and The Amsterdam Dance Event takes this aspect of the city to the extreme. This event venue and playground lacks distinct boundaries, thus, it is held all throughout the city center during the festival. It is a unique, dance-related lifestyle program offering five days of film screenings, music hardware showcase, art shows and exhibitions, fashion trades, interactive talk shows, promotional activities and pop-up musical performances at different and random creative hotspots around the city, including roof-top terraces, clothing shops, art galleries, as well as, outdoor establishments and cinemas.