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A General Practitioner's Surgery In North London

Ebola Slowing: United Nations Claim Ebola Epidemic Significantly Slowing, Sierra Leone Schools To Reopen In March, Ebola Health Workers Still Fearful

China Prepares For Spring Festival Travel Rush

Beijing Moscow Train: High-Speed Train In The Works, Train To Link Moscow To Beijing, How Fast And Big Is Proposed Bullet Train?

The Sverdlov

Russian Ship In Cuba: Arrival At Havana Port Raises Eyebrows, Spy Ship Arrives In Time For US-Cuba Talks, Why Is Russian Spy Ship At Port?

Terrifying Prehistoric Frilled shark with 300 razor-sharp teeth captured in Australia

Frilled Shark Captured: Prehistoric ‘Living Fossil’ With 300 Razor-Sharp Teeth Captured Off Australia, How Did Fishermen Capture Shark?

Frilled Shark Captured – The rare frilled shark, which has 300 razor sharp teeth, and whose species dates back to 80 million years, was caught in a fishing trawler by a group of fishermen off Australia's coast, according to Discovery. Also known as the “living fossil”, the frilled shark captured was caught last month near Lakes Entrance in Victoria, Australia.

North Carolina's Lost Colony May Have Been Found

North Carolina Lost Colony: Long-Hidden Map Could Be Clue To Mystery Of Missing Settlers

North Carolina Lost Colony – A few years ago, researchers discovered a clue leading back to a North Carolina lost colony’s origins, a centuries-old map. The missing men, women and children of North Carolina's "Lost Colony" disappeared from Roanoke Island in the 16th century.

Trending News I 75 overpass collapsed.

I 75 Shut Down Due To Overpass Collapse; One Dead, One Injured

I 75 shut down after an overpass suddenly completely collapsed during demolition work. The man driving the tractor trailer was injured, while one of the workers at the site was killed.

Trending News Shooting at Brigham and Women's Hospital.

Boston Hospital Shooting: Suspect Turns Gun On Himself After Killing Cardiac Surgeon

Boston hospital shooting incident left one of its prominent cardiac surgeons dead after sustaining a gunshot wound. He was shot by one of the patients, who, in turn, later turned the gun on himself.

Trending News Relatives believe 6 family members died in Annapolis mansion fire

Annapolis Mansion Fire: Six Dead, Possible Family Members’ Bodies Still Searched, 'Suspicious' Fire Caused By Arson?

Annapolis Mansion Fire – A fire destroyed a waterfront mansion in Anne Arundel County Monday and police are still continuing to look for six family members that went missing following the Annapolis mansion fire. Six family members are now “unaccounted for.” However, fire officials said they were last seen inside the home.

Trending News Berlin Police Launch City-Wide Speed Traps

Police Radars Inside Homes: Latest Radars Used By Authorities Violates Privacy

Police Radars Inside Homes – Be careful what you do inside your homes because the government could be watching your every move. This isn’t quite surprising given there had already been reports that the government has been listening to phone calls to filter out calls that could be related to terrorist activities. Yet, is the latest police radar a complete violation of privacy?

News Afghan Men Have Beards Trimmed And Shaved

Muslim Beard Ban Ruling: Muslim Grows Beard Inside Prison, Violates Arkansas Prison Policy

Muslim Beard Ban Ruling – The religious right of Muslims allows them to grow a half inch beard. However, this right was prohibited by the policy in an Arkansas prison. One inmate had to shave his beard as the policy claims he could conceal contraband within the half inch beard.

News Trial For Surviving Boston Marathon Bomber Begins

Boston Bomber Injured Throat: 'Botched Suicide Attempt' Could Delay Trial, Suspect Now Able To Speak?

Boston Bomber Injured Throat – Two years after the Boston Marathon bombing, the trial officially starts today. There was much delay to the said proceedings due to the only living suspect’s “botched” suicide attempt. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev had shot himself in the throat that led to an injured larynx.

Trending News Young Italian aid workers who have been released.

Italy Denies Paying Ransom To Free Two Young Aid Workers; Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni Says, ‘We Are Against Paying Ransom’

Italy denies paying ransom to free two young aid workers who were held captive for five months in Syria. According to Italy’s foreign minister, Paolo Gentiloni, “We are against paying ransom.”

Trending News Kentucky's own Bonnie and Clyde: Dalton Hayes and Cheyenne Phillips.

Kentucky Teens Crime Spree: Youngsters Suspected Of Car Theft Finally Apprehended

Kentucky teens crime spree made the headlines early Sunday morning. These teenage sweethearts were found grabbing some shut-eye inside a stolen pickup truck in Florida.

Trending News President Barack Obama

Obama: Paid Family Leave Is A Worker’s Right!

President Obama wants paid family leave to happen.

News Berlin Mosque Outspoken Against Paris Attack

Duke Chapel Call To Prayer: Muslim Students At Duke University To Start Weekly Call-To-Prayer, Aid In Restoring Peace?

Duke Chapel Call To Prayer – Muslim students enrolled at the Duke University are set to start a weekly call to prayer. This is the latest according to the announcements made by school officials. Call to prayers will begin on Friday. Will such actions restore the peace between non-Muslims and Muslims in and out of Duke University?

Trending News Kim Jong Un

North Korea US Talks: DPRK Promises To Stop Nuclear Tests If Washington Promises To Stop Joint Military Exercises With South Korea

North Korea US talks may or may not happen following the former nation’s renewed bid to sway Washington’s decision after it rejected Pyongyang’s proposal to suspend nuclear tests under the condition that yearly American military drills with South Korea were put off. According to An Myong Hun, if the proposal is accepted, “many things will be possible this year on the Korean peninsula.”

Trending News Chris O'Leary shares picture on Twitter.

Passenger Delta: 65-Seater Regional Jet Flies To New York With Only Two Passengers

Passenger Delta flies to New York with only one other person. Today, flights are almost always packed that finding an empty middle seat has become somewhat of a rare luxury.

Travel Tips

European City

Managing a Home Stay on your Travels Abroad

Whether a student or avid traveler, staying with a host family can be an amazing experience with first hand exposure to the culture, language, and food. But, of course there are fears and worries about staying with a family you have never meet, and the host family has them too about letting a stranger into their home. You want this time that you are staying with them to be enjoyable, full of intercultural learning and exchanges.

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Memorial grows for 4 men shot in killed in San Francisco shooting Friday night

San Francisco Shooting: 4 Murdered In Hayes Valley, Suspects Still Hunted, Gang Related Shooting?

San Francisco Shooting – Four men were murdered in the upscale Hayes Valley neighborhood Friday night, according to authorities. The victims of the San Francisco shooting who were reportedly shot to death were found shot inside a black 2005 Honda parked near the corner of Page and Laguna streets.

Mass Unity Rallies Held Around The World Following Recent Terrorist Attacks

United States Issues Worldwide Travel Alert: Recent Terror Attacks In Paris And Hostage Taking In Sydney

United States issues worldwide travel alert following the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and Sydney. This alert comes after the announcement that French police have once again managed to track down and kill three of the hostage takers involved in the attack on Charlie Hebdo.

Major Floods Swamp Metro Detroit Area

Interstate 94 Pileup: Lanes Reopen After Deadly 193-Vehicle Pileup

Interstate 94 Pileup – After the deadly pileup involving more than 100 cars in the Interstate 94 at Michigan, all lanes have now reopened. The lanes have reopened on Sunday, which was two days after the pileup that claimed one life while leaving more than a dozen injured.

Alcohol poisoning kills 6 Americans every day

US Government Alcohol Poisoning Kills 6 People Daily, Victims Mostly Middle-Aged Adults

US Government Alcohol Poisoning – According to a new Vital Signs report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 2,200 people die from alcohol poisoning each year in the United States, meaning there it can kill an average of six people daily.

Truck Tribute Planned For West Gate Bridge Tragedy's Darcey Freeman

Girl Thrown From Westgate Bridge: Incident From 2009 Repeats, Five Year Old Daughter Thrown From Florida Bridge, What Led To Fathers' Actions?

Girl Thrown From Westgate Bridge – In 2009, a four year old girl was thrown from the Westgate Bridge by none other than her father. Six years after the tragic incident, it appears the same fate had occurred to a five year old girl who was thrown from the Florida Bridge. What led to both fathers decision to throw away such precious lives?

Nine earthquakes which ranged from magnitudes 1.6 to 3.6 rattled North Texas in less than 24 hours

North Texas Dallas Nine Earthquakes In Under 24 Hours, Fracking Caused Earthquake Cluster?

North Texas Dallas Nine Earthquakes – Nine earthquakes which ranged from magnitudes 1.6 to 3.6 rattled North Texas in less than 24 hours. The North Texas Dallas nine earthquakes late Tuesday and early Wednesday had experts turning to seismic data to help determine the reason for the cluster of quakes, with fracking suspected as one of them.

Hundreds Of Thousands Displaced By Fighting In Eastern Ukraine

Ukraine Bus Crash: 12 Servicemen Killed, 21 Injured, What Led To Crash?

Ukraine Bus Crash – Twelve servicemen were killed in a bus crash in eastern Ukraine while 20 were left injured. Reports claim that the bad weather in the area was to blame for the crash involving a military truck and a bus. The incident happened late Monday in the area were pro-Russian separatists are battling with the army.

Scene Of Bombing In Istanbul

Suicide Bomber Blows Up: Kills Police Officer At The Scene, Second Attack On Police Recorded In Istanbul

Suicide Bomber Blows Up – A seemingly innocent female had entered the police station in Istanbul to report a missing wallet. However, minutes after getting the attention of the cops in the station, the woman then detonated bombs strapped to her body. She had killed one policeman while severely injuring another.

Demonstrations Over Recent Grand Jury Decisions In Police Shooting Deaths Continue

Officer Shot In Bronx: Police Officers Respond To Robbery, Get Shot In Car, Shooter Still At Large

Officer Shot In Bronx – Apparently, another case of cops getting attacked have been on the rise. The latest incident involves two NYPD cops responding to a robbery call. Both officers were shot but thankfully their injuries posed no threat.

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