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Six Flags

Six Flags Fight: Involving 200 Kids, Six Flags America’s ‘Fright Fest’ Turns To ‘Fight Fest’, Violence Organized Via Twitter?

3 Killed, While 18 Injured When Monster Truck Ploughed Into Audience in the Netherlands

Monster Truck Accident In The Netherlands: Three Killed, 18 Injured After Giant, 1,500 Horsepower Truck Ploughs Into Crowd, What Went Wrong?

Afghanistan's newly elected president Ghani is about to sign an agreement with the US which would allow the America's troops to stay in the country after 2014. The signing between both parties will take place on Tuesday.

Afghanistan and US News 2014: Two Nations To Sign Agreement Permitting American Troops to Remain in the Afghan Grounds

Blues City Blues

Memphis Mob Knockout: What Is The 'Knock Out' Trend & Who Are Involved?

Memphis mob knockout attacks have been recorded again this month. The first attack took place at a grocery store where three people were injured, one currently in a critical condition. According to eyewitness events, the attacks reported were about the latest trend, “Point Out, Knock Out.” What is the “Knock Out” trend about and who are involved?

5 family members found mysteriously dead in Utah home

Utah Family Found Dead: 5 Family Members Mysteriously Died In Utah Home, Murder Or Suicide?

A Utah family was mysteriously found dead inside a bedroom at their home over the weekend. They were neither shot nor stabbed, but the causes of deaths of the Utah family could remain a mystery for weeks to come, said the Springville Department of Public Safety on Monday.

Trending News Japan Volcano Eruption 2014

Japan Volcano Eruption 2014: Death Toll Reaches 36; Forecasts On More Eruptions Issued Amid ‘Limited Knowledge’ On Mount Ontake’s Activity

A Japan volcano eruption over the weekend has left authorities presuming that the nearly 30 hikers, who were near the area where the unpredictable eruption took place, are now dead.

Trending News Andrey Illarionov at the Open Society Forum

World War 3: Imminent? Vladimir Putin Threatens 10-Year War, Thousands Of Russians March In Protest

World War 3 could be imminent, said former presidential adviser Andrey Illarionov. He revealed during a recent conference in Lithuania that Russian president Vladimir Putin had been creating a design for a major 10-year war since 2003, signalling a possible World War 3.

Trending News Phoenix Flooding

Phoenix Storms Toppled Trees And Littered Streets With Debris; Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Closed Down For An Hour

Phoenix storms greeted the area Sunday morning by toppling the area’s trees and littering the streets with various types of debris. Powerful thunderstorms caused Phoenix roads to be flooded, delaying flights and leaving thousands of residents without power. In fact, the Salt River Project utility has stated that around 800 people have been left without electricity.

News Mount St. Helens in Washington state is seen in this handout photo from the U.S. Geological Survey from the Cascade Volcano Observatory Office roof March 8, 2005 in Vancouver, Washington.

Mount St. Helens: Reawakening? USGS Uses New Technology To Monitor Volcano

Mount St. Helens is an active stratovolcano located in Skamania County, Wash. Ten years ago this week, Mount St. Helens showed signs of reawakening after its 18-year slumber.

News Hong Kong Victoria Harbour Sunset

Hong Kong Harbor: Protests Move To Site Across Harbor, Tourism To Be Affected?

Hong Kong harbor is one of the city’s tourist attractions given its panoramic and breath-taking views. However, such attraction may be marred by the current protests taking place near the Hong Kong harbor. Protesters fighting for democracy have spread to the new site across the harbor.

News A female air force pilot from UAE recently made headlines when she led her squadron when they launched an attack against the ISIS militants in Syria.

UAE Female Air Force Pilot Attacks ISIS Militants in Syria

UAE female air force pilot makes headlines when she led her troop that launched an airstrike against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants in Syria on Tuesday.

Trending News People designated to assist with transferring the National 9/11 Flag, donated by New York Says Thank You Foundation, hold it aloft on the grounds of the 9/11 Memorial Plaza before donating it to the National September 11 Memorial Museum in New York May 21

3 Retired Firefighters: Killed In 1 Day Due To 9/11 Illness, What Is This Sept. 11th-Related Cancers?

On Thursday, 3 retired firefighters who worked at Ground zero have died on the same day due to 9/11-related illnesses, said the Fire Department of New York. The reminder on Sept. 11 is quite astonishing. It appears that the 9/11 attacks are still claiming lives, and this Monday it’s the lives of 3 retired firefighters who contracted cancers after working at Ground Zero.

Trending News A Pennsylvania woman was blamed for her own rape after she filed a lawsuit to the state

Pennsylvania Woman Blamed For Rape: ‘Worst Victim Shaming’ As State Blamed Victim For Her Own Rape After She Filed Lawsuit

A Pennsylvania woman was blamed for her own rape after she filed a federal lawsuit on the incident. Multiple reports say that the Pennsylvania attorney general's office had a Pennsylvania woman blamed for rape even after DNA already supported the fact that she had been attacked in jail by the rapist, who was a dangerous criminal.

News US launched an airstrike targeting oil refineries in Syria. US and its allied forces believe that it could disrupt the militant group's money flow.

US Airstrikes Disrupts Economic Assets in Syria As Oil Refineries Bombed

US airstrikes have been launched targeting several oil refineries in Syria with an attempt of striking down the extremist group's financial supply.

News European Union flag

Europe Crime Sweep Operation Archimedes: 28 European Union Members Commit To 300 Operations in Ten Days, Capture Over 1000 Suspects, How Was It Done?

Europe crime sweep – In a mere ten days, over 300 operations done by police officers from 28 European Union including Norway, Serbia, Colombia, Switzerland and the United States managed to capture a thousand suspects. These suspects were involved in sex trafficking, narcotics trafficking, illegal gun trafficking and cybercrimes.

Trending News Sushi

Chinese Man Sushi Worms: Chinese Man Riddled With Tapeworms After Eating Contaminated Sushi, Is Eating Raw Food Dangerous?

Chinese sushi worms incident happened after a man’s love for eating sashimi nearly took his life. According to multiple reports, the Chinese sushi worms incident occurred as a Chinese man ate a suspected contaminated sashimi, which in turn has his body riddled with tapeworms.

News Belgium-5645 - River Meuse

Belgian Beer Pipeline: More Beer, Less Trucks, Underground Pipeline To Carry Booze In Medieval City Of Bruges

A Belgian beer pipeline is set to be constructed under the cobblestone streets of a medieval city in Belgium. With the new Belgian beer pipeline set for construction next year, it will be more beer and less trucks for the city’s residents and tourists.


Travel Tips

20th Anniversary Of First Online Sale

Travel Credit Card: What Are The Best Travel Credit Cards Of 2014 And What To Look For In A Travel Credit Card?

Hopping on a plane and booking a hotel for the next travel would be entirely hassle free with the help of a travel credit card. Yet, where does one start and what should one look for in a travel credit card? Also, what are the best travel credit cards of 2014?

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NOAA Photo Library

Japanese Whaling Research Program: Australia Considering Next Move To Halt Japan's Antarctic

A Japanese whaling research program is currently in the works; however, Australia and other countries are planning to hamper the study that is to be carried out by the powerful Asian country with a long history of killing whales for commercial purposes, The Sydney Morning Herald has learned.

India Space Probe Lanched

India Mars Probe: India First Asian Nation To Launch Mars Obiter; MOM Only Costs $74M Compared To NASA’s $671M?

India Mars probe has entered the orbit of the Red Planet on Wednesday, as reported by the Indian Space Research Organization or ISRO. It was a shoestring-budget Mars Orbiter Mission or MOM spacecraft that was unmanned.

JetBlue cabin

Jetblue Emergency Landing: Jackson Rathbone Tweets Engine Explodes, Smoke Fills Cabin, Emergency Landing Leaves 4 Injured

Jetblue emergency landing at Long Beach Airport occurred on Thursday morning as a JetBlue flight bound for Austin, Texas departed from Long Beach but was forced to turn back shortly. According to officials, the pilot of the diverted plane announced the Jetblue emergency landing at Long Beach Airport due to an emergency with one of the plane’s engines.

Paris Catacombs

Buried In Love: 1500-Year Old Skeletons Holding Hands Italy, 700-Year Old Skeleton Couple Found In England, Skeleton Couple Found In Romania

Archaeologists today have not only discovered the secrets of Stonehenge but some have excavated a number of peculiar graves. Early this year, a 700-year old skeleton couple was found buried in England. The skeletons appeared to have been holding hands. This is the same as the 1500-year old skeletons holding hands Italy and the skeletons holding hands in Romania.

Five Guys

National Cheeseburger Day Sonic Noncompliant But Many Others Offer Free, Discounted Burgers

It's National Cheeseburger Day and Sonic is non-compliant to this wonderful celebration that honors the creation of the amazing bundle of flavors and joy. Nevertheless, there is no time to spare in sulking over Sonic's decision as other establishments have already confirmed that they are giving away free burgers and some even give big discounts for their flavorful and cheesy cheeseburgers.

Blood Alley

Blood Alley Vancouver: Reportedly One Of The Most Haunted Spot in Vancouver

Halloween is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate it that hit up a famous haunted spot. Reportedly, there is one in Vancouver that is worth taking a look at. The name of the place alone is sure to give anyone the spooks. Here’s all there is to know about Blood Alley Vancouver.

Arbeit Macht Frei

Oskar Groning, 93-Year-Old Auschwitz Guard Faces Trial For 300,000 Counts Of Accessory To Murder?

Oskar Groning was once referred to as the “accountant of Auschwitz.” He is also one of the few former Nazi guards assigned at the death camps to speak out against those who denied about the occurrence of the Holocaust.

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