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MERS Thailand

MERS Fears In Thailand, 32 Quarantined

Tru by Hilton

Hilton Group Launches Mid-Priced Hotel Brand


2015: The Warmest Year on Record, According to NOAA

Jacket With 42 Pockets Designed To Store Gadgets

Jacket With 42 Pockets Designed To Store Gadgets


China's Economy: Sustained, Healthy Development Will Be The New Normal


Visit Antarctica: Surprising Things You Can Do


Iran and Airbus Plane Deal Now a Possibility After Sanctions Were Lifted

$10bn worth of plane deal between Iran and Airbus is now a possibility after the international sanctions were lifted.


Travel Superstitions From Around The World

Know some of the craziest travel superstitions from around the world.


Snowpocalypse 2016: Second Biggest Snowstorm Hit New York

New York, the most populated city in the United States, saw its second-highest snowfall since records began in 1869.

Videos Panda

The Only Living Thing Enjoying The US Blizzard: This Panda

If you think no living thing enjoyed the US Blizzard over the weekend - think again. This panda had way too much fun in the snow

Leisure Collosseum

Not-So-Famous Colloseums You Should Visit

Colloseums aren't just in Rome. Visit them all over the world in this list of not-so-famous but must-visit ones

Top 5 Travelling

Destinations For Solo Travellers

Here are places you should to your travelling-solo bucketlist

Travel Tips Family Vacation

Travel Hacks For Stress-Free Family Getaways

Hacks for a stress-free family getaway

Leisure The Kite, Oxford

Top Craft Beer Pubs in Oxford

Here are craft beer pubs that you shouldn't miss whenever you're near Oxford

Top 5 Eggs Around The World

How To Eat Eggs Around The World

People cook eggs in amazing different ways around the world

Videos Migrants

Greece Under Pressure

Greece is facing more pressure as the flow of the refugees has become out of hand.

Big Photos Igloo in New York

New Yorker Builds Igloo During Snowstorm, Rents It Out On Airbnb

New Yorker builds igloo in his garden during Storm Jonas and lists it on Airbnb for $200 a night

Top 5 Best Heavy Metal Bands From Finland

Best Heavy Metal Bands From Finland

Finland is known to contribute heavy metal acts and other similar trends in popular music. The following is a list of the top five best Finnish metal bands according to

Big Photos Great White Shark

Diver Leaned Out Of Cage To Pat Great White Shark On The Nose

A deep-sea diver came perilously close to a Great White shark and proceeded to pat it on its nose

Big Photos Storm Jonas

Storm Jonas From Outer Space

Astronaut Scott Kelly tweets incredible images from International Space Station of the moment where a massive storm batters America

Leisure Island

AirBnB Islands To Rent

It turns out you don’t need to be a millionaire to stay on your own island. Here are private islands you can afford to rent - thanks to Airbnb.

Travel Tips

credit card

Score Travel Perks Using Your Credit Card

Get to know your credit card to know how to score up perks on your next travel trip.

Lounge Area

Ways To Score Airport Lounge Access

Here are few ways on how keen explorers can score lounge access regardless of the possibility that their tickets read coach.


Be Airport Ready

Don't be that person who annoys others passengers in airports, be airport ready with these tips.


On Travelling Solo For The First Time

Reasons and tips why travelling solo is what every traveller needs to try.


Tipping In Different Countries

Know how to tip on your next trip abroad.

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