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Ashley Monroe Performs Live Streamed Concert For 'Soundtrack Of America: Made In Tennessee' - Chicago

The Most Amazing Summer Activities In 2016 You Can't Miss

Spending On Coffee?

3 Simple Ways To Get Back The Savings Spent On Travel


How To Spot A Terrorist: 'Faception' Tells You Who To Watch Out For


ISIS Or The Kurds? Arabs Wonder Which Is Worse


Maldives Vacation Packages: Is Island Worth The Trip?

Inside Khumbu Icefall

Australian Climber Maria Strydom's Tragic Demise: What Is The Cause of Her And Others' Mount Everest Deaths

Hiroshima Prepares For U.S. President Obama's Historic Visit

How To Enjoy Hiroshima: Tour The Historic Site Like A Pro

It's been 7 decades since the United States hit the Japanese city of Hiroshima with an atomic bomb, which marked the end of World War II. On Friday, President Barack Obama is the first American president to go on a visit on the place where the atomic bomb in Hiroshima was dropped.

New York City

How To Travel The World Without Leaving New York City

There is now a way to travel the world while still staying in New York City. Now, travellers have the option to stay put in their own homes near their own backyards in the Big Apple without leaving New York City. On the other hand, travellers can travel within New York City and discover the wonders of China, Hungary and India.

Smuggler's Cove

Smuggler's Cove Secrets: 5 Bold Things To Do In Alaska Resort

The Smuggler's Cove is a great getaway place for travelers who aim to connect with nature. Know what bold things you can do in this bay in the Alaska resort nearby Yakutania and Dyea Points.

News Massachusetts

AAA Reports Dominate In Gas Prices; Hectic Holiday Travel Should Be Expected

In spite of increase in gas prices in the recent week, AAA has the prediction that lots of Americans are still going to travel by the road this Memorial Day to go on trips for the holiday. Unleaded gas in Massachusetts has reached about $2.25 each gallon on Monday.

News Britney Spears

Fashion Police Views Britney Spears' Outfit In The Billboard Music Awards 'Very Trashy'

Pop star, Britney Spears was the center of attention at the Billboard Music Awards 2016. However, the "Fashion Police" co-hosts are at it in giving their opinions about the singer's outfit.

News Los Angeles International Airport

Airport Delays Worsen During Memorial Day Travel

Travellers have been having a hard time getting through airports' security lines in the United States. But to make matters worse, they are now going to even have a harder time getting through long lines at the airport during Memorial Day.

News Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green Reuniting

Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green Reunite? 'TMNT' Actress Cancels Divorce?

The cast of the forthcoming 3D action comedy film - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, are hoping for the American actress Megan Fox and the Terminator actor Brian Austin Green to make it as a couple.

Top 5 Adventure Travel

What Are The 5 Hot Trends Of Travel In 2016

Check Out The 5 Hot Trends of 2016

News Woody

It's True! Some Walt Disney Classics Are Now Being Removed On Netflix: Here's Why

Why are some of the Disney classics not available anymore?

Travel Tips

Atta Abbasi

5 Most Efficient Travel Hacks Every Traveler Should Know

Are you doing your traveling preparation the right way?

It's a Small World at Tokyo Disneyland

Shanghai Disneyland Release Etiquette Guide For Visitors: Uncivilized Behaviour Banned!

Shanghai Disneyland officials made sure that the park will be in good condition when it opens by releasing an etiquette guide, after observing what the locals did around the area.

Steamboat Natchez

New Orleans Offers 7 Great Activities For Families: Find Out Here

There is no shortage of activities in the wonderful city of New Orleans.


Island Hopping In The Caribbean: How To Get The Best Tours

Island trips to the Carribbean should not be too hard even for those who were just doing it for the first time. In other words, even if travellers are scared of going on unfamiliar trips for the first time, they can still go on these trips, thanks to helpful resources such as guides and maps.

Phewa lake in 1982

7 Cheapest World Destinations For An Affordable and Relaxing Vacation

Every traveler wants to spend less while going to different places. With that, Price of Travel ranks world cities every year based on how affordable they are as a reference for budget travelers. With that, we have here the 7 cheapest travel destination for 2016 that will give you extra money to get a side trip to other places you dream of visiting!

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Children TV

Time Travel And Other TV Trends To Expect This 2016

The three trends that are seen in TV this year which includes time travel, blast from the past and adaptations.


TSA Security Head Fired Over Long Lines In The Airport?

Kelly Hoggan, the agency's assistant administrator for security operations, has been removed from his position, according to an internal memo by TSA Administrator Peter Neffenger obtained by NBC News.

Swimming pool

US: 1 in 8 Swimming Pools Closed for Health Violations, According To Health Violations

One in eight swimming pools in most populated states were allegedly been shut down due to inspection of filthy and suspected existing harmful water around, as announced by health authorities in the United States on Thursday.

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