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Stocksnap/Stephen Radford

2 Dead and Piggery Destroyed by Adelaide SA Bushfire

Brazil President

Brazil Waives Visas for Olympics Amidst Security Fears

Tourist Selfie in Rome

'Centurions' Banned in Rome


Uniworld Boutique River Cruises Launches Virtual Reality App

Travelling during Thanksgiving might not prove to be friendly

Travelling During Thanksgiving might not prove to be friendly


Chef Chase: Turning Food Aversion into a Passion for Cooking

Thanksgiving Day

Millions of Americans Begin Thanksgiving Holiday Amid Ramped Up Security, Terrorism Fears


War-Time Letters Received by Recipients After 70 Years

Eiffel Tower

Paris Eiffel Tower Reopens After Terrorist Attacks

What to Expect: Dreamstate 2015, Southern California

What to Expect: Dreamstate 2015 Southern California

Tickets for Dreamstate 2015 are now available and are currently sold at $110.

Guarana Shake

FOOD AND TRAVEL: Exotic Smoothies to be Part of Future Food Revolution

Robert Nathan Allen believes that crickets, grasshoppers, and other insects will be part of the future food revolution.


FOOD AND TRAVEL: Five of the World's Best Cappuccinos

Cappuccinos are made of espresso, steamed milk, foam. A cappuccino should be 1/3 steamed milk, 1/3 espresso (one shot) and 1/3 foam. It should achieve something that is really amazing to the coffee lovers – a perfect combination of coffee and milk. Here are five of the best cappuccinos.

Trending News Tomatoes

Port Augusta Farm Grows Food in the Desert

Outside Port Augusta, around 300 kilometers north of Adelaide and on the edge of the desert, lies a farm that doesn't require fresh water or arable area to develop its harvests - tomatoes.

News Eiffel Tower

Tourists Think Twice about Travelling to Paris

Several attacks in the city of Paris and threats against Air France flights have shaken the worldwide tourism industry, with travelers from well off Asian countries thinking twice about travel to Europe.

News Australia's Big Move

Cloud-based Passports: Australia's Big Move for Outright Security

Canada's hidden illustrations on their passports that can only be seen when put under a UV light does not sound that appealing anymore. Sorry, Canadians but Australia's cloud-based passport is now a bigger hit.

News NAIA, Philippines. One of the known worst airports in the world

Red Flag: World’s Worst Airports for 2015

Travel is supposed to be fun; so, just a friendly reminder, if you are about to embark on a voyage, please be careful from these not-so-friendly airports. No, they will not cause harm but they will definitely ruin your mood.

Leisure UFO? Aliens? or just some ordinary event that science can easily explain. You decide.

Unusual ‘Cloud Hole’ Creates a Striking Sight in Australia

A bizarre "cloud hole" engulfed Australia's sky this week. Was it just another phenomena that can be explained through science or was it something else.

Trending News Holiday Deal

Amazon Announces 'Eight Days of Holiday Deals' Leading Up To Black Friday, With Alerts Available may have launched its Black Friday Deals Countdown prior this month, however today it declared eight days of deals paving the way to Black Friday, starting Friday. As often as at regular intervals for eight straight days on, clients will have admittance to 10 "Deals of the Day."


Tourist City to be Built in Bosnia

Dubai based company is going to be a tourist city in Bosnia, in the municipality of Trnovo at the foot of Bjelasica, one of four mountains surrounding the capital Sarajevo.

Trending News Fearless Father

The Fearless Father Who Threw Himself on a Suicide Bomber in Beirut

A father, with his young little girl watching, sacrificed himself and showed bravery to spare others when terrorists struck Beirut a week ago. A day before the attack in Paris that killed 129 people, the capital city of Lebanon suffered from two assaults which also killed 45 and hurt more than 200 others.

News most well-rested countries

Study Reveals the Most Vacation-Deprived, Most Well-rested Countries

Based on several researches, workers from Europe carry on with the high life while South Koreans have showed up being preoccupied employees.

Leisure Norway Fjords

Top Five Destinations for Ecotourism

The key part of ecotourism is watching the excellence of the area while likewise endeavoring to protect it. Ecologically conscientious explorers mean to keep their carbon footprint to a minimum and make sure that their money is being spent in a spot that really merits it. These five ecotourism destinations have been observed for their dedication to save the environment.


China Joins the War Against ISIS After Four Citizens Killed

Four Chinese have been killed in two different attacks last week. These have convinced the country to join other nations in the fight to end ISIS.

Travel Tips

Survive Long Flights

Tips for Surviving a Long Flight

Not all whole deal flights must be hopeless. Here are 10 tips for counteracting tiredness, dehydration, deep vein thrombosis and lack of sleep so you can certainly say "I got this" whenever you are detained in a metal tube for a whole waking day of your life.

LEGOLAND Discovery Centers

Trips to Take Before Your Kid Turns 10

Kids are the unspoiled explorers, although they may not seem so at first look. They’re more susceptible to destructions and jet lag, but they see the world with pure wonder, an ability which many of us have let gap over time. So take them to these wonderful places before they reach the age of 10.


Travel Tips from Experienced Travellers

Learn the best travel tips from people who have spent most of their lives exploring the beauty of the world.

Holiday Travel

Tips for a Better Holiday Trip

It's that season of the year again. While many of us can't seem to see past Halloween, we should be aware of the holiday season and its expanding travel costs. Look at these simple guidelines to save your money on your travel this season.

Tips for Travel Solo

Tips for Travelling Solo

Greater number of individuals are currently single than at whatever other time in history. However, that's not the only reason why individuals are going on a trip all alone.

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