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Dr. Craig Spencer Is The First Ever Ebola NYC Patient

Ebola NYC Patient: Doctor Who Recently Returned From Guinea Tests Positive For Ebola Virus, Becomes New York City's First Diagnosed Case

ISIS intercepted a package airdropped by the U.S. for the Kurdish fighters.

ISIS Intercepts U.S. Airdrops; ISIS Fighters Thank U.S. For The Weapons

King Tut's virtual autopsy

King Tut’s Club Foot Confirms Ancient Boy King Didn’t Die While Riding Chariot; Tut’s Parents Were Brother And Sister?

Stunt Bikers Taunt Officer

Stunt Bikers Taunt Officer: Bikers Not Caught, Still At Large, Investigations Regarding Stunts Performed At I-680 South Bay Continue

Stunt bikers taunt officer – A YouTube video has gone viral on the web showing off a group of motorcyclists performing stunts and speeding up at the 1-680 South Bay. In the video, a lone cop may be seen addressing the motorcyclists but the bikers continue to perform their death defying stunts and even go to the point of taunting the officer.

A newly born White Rhinoceros walks with it's mother in the Kruger National Park on July 7, 2013 in Lower Sabie, South Africa.

White Rhinos Left In The World: 6 Left On Earth After One Of Two Breeding Males Dies In Kenya, Subspecies Extremely Close To Extinction

The white rhinos left in the world have drastically gone down to six. The shocking news of the number of white rhinos left in the world came after Suni, a 34-year-old northern white rhino, was found dead by rangers in his enclosure in Kenya's Ol Pejeta Conservancy on Oct. 17.

Trending News Blackwater Guards Convicted

Blackwater Sentenced: Former Blackwater Guards Found Guilty of Fatally Shooting 14 Unarmed Iraqi Civilians, Injuring 17 Others

Blackwater Sentenced - Four former Blackwater guards have apparently been convicted for a 2007 bloody incident that left 14 Iraqi - identified as unarmed - civilians dead and 17 others badly wounded.

Trending News ISIS Militants In Syria

Denver Girls ISIS: FBI Reviewing Evidence Against Three Girls Believed To Be Heading To Syria To Join Islamic State Militants: Report

Denver Girls ISIS - At least three girls from Denver have been denied their right to travel after authorities found out that they were heading to Syria via Turkey. The FBI is looking into evidence that could prove the girls' intention of joining the Islamic State militants.

Trending News Car

Canada Hit-And-Run Attack Perpetrator 'Radicalized?' Authorities Cite Similar Case Last Year As Basis

The Canada hit-and-run attack suspect, who was killed by the authorities after a long chase, is now believed to have been "radicalized" because of the on-going terrorism in the country.

News Eric Matthew Frein

Pennsylvania Man Hunt: Schools Close As Man Hunt Drags On, Eric Frein Spotted In Close Proximity To Schools, Children Unsafe With Man Hunt Ongoing?

Pennsylvania man hunt of Eric Frein has dragged on to its’ second month. Frein is wanted for the murder of a state trooper, Cpl. Bryon Dickson, last Sept. 12. Named as “extremely dangerous” by Pennsylvania authorities, Frein has already been added to FBI’s most wanted fugitives.

News The woman was extracted from the chimney after being stuck for a couple of hours. California firefighters spent two hours in trying to rescue the woman.

Woman Stuck Down the Chimney; 30 Year-Old California Woman Invades Ex-Boyfriend’s Home

30 year-old woman from California reportedly stuck down the chimney of her ex-boyfriend's house on Sunday.

News Vials

Cure For Ebola Found: Canada To Ship 800 Vials of Experimental Vaccine, China Claims To Have Found Cure

Cure for Ebola found – Canada is reported to send out 800 vials of an experimental drug set out to cure the Ebola outbreak. The cure for Ebola found is an experimental drug named VSV-EBOV. All 800 vials had been tested on primates and showed positive results.

Trending News Defective Takata airbags prompted the recall of about 247,000 Toyota model vehicles.

Takata Airbag Recall 2014: Toyota Withdraw Models For Defective Inflators

Takata airbag defect prompts the recall of several Toyota Motor Corp models in the United States on Monday.

News Caribbean Princess, Dublin Port

Ebola-Risk Hospital Worker Boards Caribbean Cruise Ship; U.S. Officials To Limit Their Public Appearances

An Ebola-risk health care worker boarding a cruise ship is being isolated despite not showing any signs and symptoms of the deadly disease while U.S. officials asked the health workers exposed to the Ebola infected patients to limit public appearances.

News Satellite To Measure Greenhouse Gas Prepared For July 1 Launch

Mystery Plane Returns: X-37B Aircraft Lands At Vandenberg Air Force Base In Southern California, Conspiracy Theories Regarding Plane Ensue

Mystery plane returns – A US top secret plane has landed on the coast of California after orbiting the planet for two years. The air force base located at the coast of Southern California was the place where the mystery place returned. What exactly did the secret plane do for two years and what use was orbiting around the earth for two years for?

Trending News Hurricane Ana movement

Hurricane Ana Update: Hurricane Strengthens, Residents Preparing For Impact With Huge Waves, High Winds

A recent Hurricane Ana update reports of the hurricane continuing to push south of Hawaii's Big Island early Saturday morning EDT. The Hurricane Ana update said Ana will likely generate heavy rains, winds and strong waves against shorelines, prompting officials to urge caution and Hawaii residents to prepare for impact.

News Annual Heavyweight Pumpkin Contest Held In Half Moon Bay

Pumpkin Fest Arrests: New Hampshire Festival Goes Chaotic, 49 Arrests And 30 Injuries Reported, What Went Wrong At Pumpkin Fest?

Pumpkin Fest arrests – In New Hampshire, a pumpkin festival went totally out of hand. On the weekend alone, 49 arrests had been made and 30 people noted to have had sustained injuries. Out of the 30 injured, 20 people have been brought to the hospital. What went wrong that led to the pumpkin fest arrests?

Trending News A black bear drinks water at the Moon Bear Rescue Centre September 9, 2006 in Chengdu of Sichuan Province, China.

Black Bear Eats Man: Dead Body Of California Man Who Died From Heart Attack Gets Eaten By Black Bear, Where Did Bear Find The Man’s Corpse?

Black bear eats man’s dead body in Humboldt County in California after he died of a heart attack en route to a water supply, said authorities Friday. The exact date of the incident where the black bear eats man’s dead body remains unknown, but authorities say the incident is quite rare.


Travel Tips

Prince Edward Island, Canada

Fall Cruises: Better Than Land Tours? It Gives Guests ‘A European Experience Without Leaving North America’

Fall cruises for foliage in the northeast are now becoming more and more popular as each year goes by. The foliage that is part of the tour is unlike any other place in the country. In fact, more guests are even paying good money to cruise the rivers, as well as the oceans, in order to peep leaves instead of having to brave today’s highly crowded roads and hotels on land.

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CDC is rethinking of their approach towards the Ebola virus while staying positive that the virus can be transmitted through direct contact. New rumors suggest that the virus is airborne after two Dallas nurses became infected despite of wearing their pro

CDC To Modify Approach in Ebola Infection As Virus Becomes Airborne

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the U.S. is trying to reconsider its approach to Ebola patients after several reports suggest that the fatal virus could be airborne.

California Drought Map

California Drought Map Reveals 58% Of State Suffers Deficiency Of Water Supply Amid Imminent Winter Season

California's drought map still shows an alarming phenomenon at the Golden State wherein 58% of the area is suffering from deficiency of water supply, be it atmospheric, surface or ground water.

Daniela Poggiali

Nurse Kills 38 Patients Because She Got Annoyed; Co-Workers Say Italian Nurse Daniela Poggiali Is 'Cynical And Vindictive'

Nurse Kills 38 Patients - Italian nurse Daniela Poggiali is one healthcare professional you should be wary of if ever you get confined in a hospital in Italy. For one thing, she is notorious for killing up to 38 patients after she got completely annoyed of them or of their families.

Cattle Return From Alpine Summer Grazing

World's Tallest Cattle Found In Illinois, How Tall Is Blosom The Cow?

World’s tallest cattle is found in Illinois. Owned by Patty Hanson, Blosom the cow has been named Guinness World Records’ tallest cow. How big and tall exactly is Blosom?

Grizzly Bear

Man, 56, Attacked By Bear Shot Accidentally By Hunting Partner Who Tried To Save Him From The Beast

A man attacked by bear was shot by his friend while the latter was attempting to spare him from the brutal attack of the beast.

Debris field spotted on radar at time of the Louisiana loud boom

Louisiana Loud Boom: Mysterious ‘Sonic Boom’ In The Sky Rattles Residents, ‘Debris Field’ Spotted, What Is The ArkLaTex ‘Boom’?

The Louisiana loud boom which was heard and rattled many north eastern Louisiana residents is as of this moment still left unexplained. However, now the National Weather Service has added that whatever the cause of the Louisiana loud boom, it has left a debris field.

Illness Observation

Ebola Airborne CDC: Widespread Outbreak Possible, More Contagious Virus Than Thought

The Executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Dr. Jane Orient, claimed the world is dealing a different kind of Ebola virus, one which is more potent and can be transmitted in air via droplets.

Brazil is currently treating and monitoring its first suspected case of Ebola. A 47 year-old man from Guinea reportedly manifest fever withing the 21 day-incubation period of the virus.

Brazil Confirms First Suspected Ebola Case

Brazil treats its first ever suspected case of Ebola while waiting for the results of a blood test which is due to be released on Saturday.

Ebola Press Conference Boston Logan Airport

Ebola In Boston: Two Ebola Mass. Scares Raises Fears Despite Braintree Patient Declared Not At Risk, What Is The Different Types Of Ebola Risks?

Fears over Ebola in Boston have heightened after two Massachusetts scares flared up over the Columbus Day weekend. Raised concerns over Ebola in Boston have since prompted holiday press conferences and reverse 911 calls to reassure the public.

American Airlines jet landing at DCA

American Airlines Flight Depressurized Due To Cracks In Cabin Walls; Plane Had Emergency Landing

American Airlines had to have an emergency landing after its cabin walls started to break apart as its passengers, absolutely terrified, had no choice but to look on and shout for help. One of the passengers, James Wilson, said that he felt something was wrong when the fuselage started to shake violently and heard some popping noises outside the plane.

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