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Refugees Flee Syria As ISIS Advances On Kobani

Polio Vaccination Workers Killed Pakistan: Crisis Deepens, More Cases And Killings Arise

Suspect who shot two FBI agents near Ferguson confirmed dead

FBI Agents Shot Near Ferguson Protests, Suspect Died Of ‘Suicide By Cop’?

Syria warplanes launch a number of airstrikes against the ISIS militants on Tuesday. More than a hundred of people were injured while almost 95 individuals were killed from the recent attack.

Syria Airstrikes Target ISIS News: Number of Deaths Increase While Syrian Nationals Needs More Help As The Country’s Condition Worsens

Suicide bomber attacks in Nigeria creates chaos while more than 40 individuals were killed.

Suicide Bomber Attacks Nigeria; More Than 40 People Dies

Suicide bombers attack Nigeria's northeastern city of Maiduguri on Tuesday, killing more than 40 people.

Ferguson Protests Spreading Across U.S.

Ferguson Protests: Officer Violently Attacked, Shot During Ferguson-Related Riot, Protests Spreading Across U.S.

Ferguson Protests – A police officer from University City reportedly got shot in the arm during one of the violent protests that erupted in Ferguson. The Ferguson protests happened in the wake of the grand jury’s Monday decision of not indicting Darren Wilson, a white officer who shot and killed an unarmed black 18-year-old in Ferguson Aug. 9.

Trending News France-Russia Warship Deal

France Russian Warship Deal: Why Did France Bow Out From Shipping Warships To Russia?

Another conflict? France has decided to postpone the shipment of a warship to Russia amid months of speculation that this is going to be the largest arms sale by a NATO country to the Kremlin, reports Huffington Post.

News Yemeni President Visits Berlin

Yemen Frees Hostages: Raid Leads To Eight Hostages Freed, Includes US Military Expert, Hostages Held By Al-Qaeda, What Was Their Motive?

Yemen frees hostages – Seven Yemenis and one US military expert were included in the hostages by a group said to be linked to the al-Qaeda. Thankfully, in a raid put up by the Yemeni Special Forces, the eight hostages were freed. Those who had taken them hostage however did not experience the same fate of freedom.

Travel Tips Remember that celebrating Thanksgiving abroad is not about having everything perfect.

To Expats, Celebrate Thanksgiving

Traveling and working abroad is difficult around the holidays. You start thinking about grandmas' broccoli casserole and your aunt's weird cocktail creations. Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for the friends and family in your life, but it also can make any expat feel homesick.

Trending News 750-Year-Old Tree, Believed to be the oldest in Poland, was damaged in suspected arson

Arson Fire Poland: 750-Year-Old Tree, Oldest In Poland Damaged By Suspected Arson, What Is The Motive?

Arson Fire Poland – A 750-year-old tree in Poland, which is also believed to be the oldest in the country, was damaged last week from a suspected arson fire. On Monday, Jerzy Wilanowski, deputy chief forest ranger in Szprotawa, said the arson fire Poland incident was battled by firefighters for more than 30 hours.

Trending News China is building a huge island.

China Building Island Large Enough To Host Airstrip, Tankers, And Other Major Surface Combatants; US Military Spokesperson Says, ‘We Urge China To Stop’

China building island could be proof that the country is flexing its considerable military muscle. This newly island is massive enough to host an airstrip that is located in the South China Sea.

News Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler Watercolor Paintings: Sells For $161,000 At Auction In Nuremberg, Auction Of Nazi Dictator Work Receives Complaints, Where Would Money From Sale Go?

Adolf Hitler watercolor paintings – The watercolor painting of the Munich city hall allegedly made by former Nazi dictator, Adolf Hitler, had been recently sold at an auction for a whopping $161,000 dollars. Ironically, prior to the sale of the artwork, the head of the auction house received complaints about selling works of the German tyrant.

News Naked man arrested in airport after a rampage. He reportedly fell through the women's bathroom and attacked an elderly man.

Naked Man Arrested After Rampage in Logan Airport

A 26 year-old man was arrested after starting a rampage in the Logan International Airport on Saturday.

News Airport Security In San Jose, CA

Security Breach San Jose Airport: Suspect Snuck Into Airport, Stole Maintenance Vehicle, What Happened To Suspect?

Security breach San Jose Airport – A man had been caught sneaking into San Jose Airport. Even after he was caught by airport authorities, the man identified as Miguel Zaragosa, had tried to escape arrest after stealing a vehicle of a maintenance worker. Zaragosa has been successfully arrested after the incident.

News General Views Of The Hyatt Regency London Hotel

London Hyatt Gas Explosion: 14 Injured At Explosion In Five-Star Hyatt Regency London, What Led To Explosion?

London Hyatt gas explosion – Shortly after midnight, the five-star Hyatt Regency Churchill in London had suffered an explosion at its basement. 14 people were reported to have been injured in the explosion. What could have led to the incident?

News Dog flies on JetBlue through JetPaws program

Wag Brigade: Increasing Allowance of Pets in Airports/Airplanes

Traditionally, pets have not been allowed to roam freely in airports or airplanes, but times are changing for our fury friends and airplane travel.

Leisure Bayeux

A Roman City Nestled in French Countryside

Nestled on the northern coast of France, is a small village known as Bayeux. The town was first built under Roman control in the first century B.C. In 880 Vikings conquered Bayeux. The city developed into a stronghold for the Norman forces. It is from here that William the Conqueror of Normandy began his famous conquest of England in 1066. The town took part in several wars years later, including the 100 Years’ War and the Wars of Religion. Then in 1944, Bayeux was the first town liberated by the Allied forces on the second day of the D-Day invasion of Normandy. Luckily, the fighting did not destroy the town, and the history of this ancient town stayed preserved.

News 100-Year Old Woman Sees Ocean For The First Time

100-Year Old Woman Sees Ocean For The First Time: Ruby Holt Spent Life Picking Cotton, Charity Grants Birthday Wish, Holt Visits Gulf Of Mexico

100-year old woman sees ocean for the first time – Ruby Holt finally got her long-time wish of visiting the sea. Holt, who is 100-years old, had spent her life picking cotton at a Tennessee farm. All thanks to a charity that granted her birthday wish, Holt spent her special day the Gulf of Mexico.


Travel Tips

Blogs help you keep your family and friends updated.

So You Want to Write a Travel Blog? A Guide

So you do want to write a travel blog? Do not worry, it is not as hard as it seems. There are a few things, however, that you should keep in mind while creating, writing, and keeping up your blog. Here is a helpful guide to get you started.

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Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines Loses Dog, Owner Left Clueless: Should He Sue Delta For Misplacing 'Very Precious Cargo?'

Delta Airlines loses dog after misplacing the dog owner's precious cargo on one of its recent flights. Now the owner is upset since he is left clueless by the airlines on what really happened to his pet.

columbus farmers market veggies

Columbus Farmers Market Fire: Spectacular Blaze Fueled By High Winds Severely Damages Sprawling Building In Burlington County

Strong winds fueled a growing flame leading to severe damages to a sprawling building at Columbus Farmers Market.

See pandas up close and personal at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

Up Close and Personal with Giant Pandas: Chengdu is Calling

Settled in Southwest China is the city of Chengdu. It has lots of beautiful gardens and structures, but what it is most well known for is the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. The research base is just outside the city center and gives tourists a chance to see giant pandas up close in a truly unique way.

Massive Delays, All Flights Halted At Chicago's O'Hare and Midway international airports due to air traffic control fire

Chicago Plane Crash 2014: Pilot Dies, Elderly Couple Miraculously Survive, What Led To Crash?

Chicago plane crash 2014 – Shortly after taking off at the Midway Airport Tuesday morning, a twin-engine cargo plane had crashed at the Southwest Side home. The plane's driver has been confirmed dead while the residents of the home, being an elderly couple, had miraculously survived.

Thai royal flag

Thai Radio Host Jailed: Five-Year Prison Sentence For Monarch Defamation, No Room For Appeal In Military Court?

A Thai radio host jailed recently was put behind bars for five years due to royal defamation, according to his lawyer Tuesday. The Thai radio host jailed is reportedly one of the first sentences passed by a military court for breaching the Lese Majeste Law since a May coup.

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay: Fake Reservations At New Restaurant Are Part Of Rival's 'Sabotage' Plan

Gordon Ramsay got fake reservations in his restaurant and they were apparently from his rival restaurant.

Holiday Getaway

Why You Should Head To Europe For Your Next Holiday Getaway!

Thinking of traveling this Thanksgiving and Christmas season? But afraid spending much too much over your next last-minute getaway? Here are some of the best tips to follow if you intend to save much while enjoying the perfect European holiday getaway.

New York Pot Arrests

New York Pot Arrests: New Policy Promotes Summonses Instead Of Arrests Since Officers Want To Focus On Other Crimes

New York pot arrests are going to be different this time around after a few changes on the city's marijuana policy have been made.

USS Ross Sailors Attacked By Turkey Youth Union In Istanbul

USS Ross Sailors Attacked By Turkish Mob In Istanbul, Bags Placed Over Heads?

USS Ross sailors attacked by about 20 political activists happened in Istanbul Wednesday. Members of the Turkish Youth Union hurled objects at them, chased the three men and at one point, placed a bag over one of the heads of the USS Ross sailors attacked.

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