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Suchomimus Swimming

First Swimming Dinosaur Found: 50 Feet Spinosaurus Fossil Unearthed in Morocco

Lava pours into the ocean from Kilauea Volcano on June 6, 2004 at Volcanoes National Park near Volcano, Hawaii. Lava from Kilauea has reached the ocean for the first time in nearly a year.

Hawaii Lava Flow Update: Residents Fear For Safety And Livelihood, Some Evacuate At Own Will

Southern California Fires

San Dimas Fire California Brush Blaze Almost Fully Extinguished by Firefighters and Water-Dropping Helicopters

reflections of sydney

Australia Terrorism Alert Level: Raised To High After 11 Years, Why Was Alert Level Raised?

Australia terrorism alert level was raised from medium to high by Prime Minister Tony Abbott during an announcement on Friday. According to multiple reports, the change to the Australia terrorism alert level is the first such change in 11 years.

Navy Jet

Navy Jets Crash Into Pacific Ocean! 1 Pilot Rescued, 1 Still Missing! Warships Now Aiding Search And Rescue Mission!

Navy jets crash into the Pacific Ocean on Thursday evening. According to the Defense Department, two Navy fighter jets, both were F-18 Hornets, crashed into the ocean. None of the planes that crashed have been found yet, according to a statement that was made by the Navy.

Trending News Funeral mass for Brendan Patrick Tevlin

Brendan Tevlin Murder ‘Evidence of Domestic Terrorism’ in US; Americans Should Acknowledge Degree of Threat within the Country Says Radio Host

Brendan Tevlin’s murder is not just any ordinary crime that should be forgotten after the perpetrator had been arrested. In fact, it should serve as a reminder or evidence even to every American citizen that “domestic terrorism” has already penetrated the country, this is according to radio program host, Todd Pettengill in his eight-minute discussion of the case.

Trending News High Gas Prices Spark Interest In Public Transportation

7 Arrested in Machete Attack Chicago Four Adults, Three Juveniles Seized over Gang-Related Train Station Assault

7 Arrested in Machete Attack Chicago - Four adults and three juveniles were taken into custody and accused of a gang-related assault captured on a surveillance video at a Chicago train station.

News Lake Tahoe, NV, Sand Harbor (2) 9-2010

Lake Tahoe Earthquake Today: Magnitude-3.5 Earthquake Rattles Near Tahoe Vista, Calif.

Lake Tahoe earthquake today rattled near Tahoe Vista, Calif. and fortunately, it wasn’t strong to have produced injuries to residents of the area. According to multiple reports the, the Lake Tahoe earthquake today was of a magnitude 3.5.

Trending News In this handout from NASA/Solar Dynamics Observatory, a solar large flare erupts off the sun June 7, 2011 in space.

Solar Flares Today 2014: 'Extreme' Solar Flare Hit Earth, Aurora Borealis Friday? How Is The Earth Affected?

Solar flares today 2014 appear to be growing stronger. According to multiple reports, one of the solar flares today 2014 that erupted from the sun toward Earth are the X-Class kind, which is known to be extreme and the most dangerous kind. The flare hit the Earth yesterday and another one will be hitting the planet today, which could reportedly cause an Aurora Borealis phenomenon.

News Stonehenge-sunrise-access-2013 (36)

Stonehenge Secrets Revealed: Through Digital Mapping, All Stonehenge Secrets Finally Uncovered? What’s Underneath Stonehenge?

Stonehenge secrets revealed through digital mapping by archaeologists is the most recent breakthrough in discovering what lies beneath the gigantic stones. According to multiple reports, archaeologists had the Stonehenge secrets revealed by way of the most detailed map ever created showing the earth underneath and surrounding the World Heritage Site.

News H.M.S. Intrepid, under the command of Irish explorer Sir Francis Leopold McClintock (1819 - 1907), is trapped in pack ice in Baffin Bay, circa 1853. McClintock is on his first mission to find the 1845 expedition of Sir John Franklin, which disappeared dur

Doomed 1845 Ship: Lost In Arctic, Found By Canada After Nearly 170 Years, Canada Taking Ownership Of Northwest Passage?

Doomed 1845 ship believed to have been lost in the Arctic was found by Canada finally, after over 170 years of explorers’ searches. The doomed 1845 ship found by Canada is one of two British explorer ships which took part in one of the most tragic mysteries of British maritime history, according to multiple reports.

News Elephant walk

Elephant Caretaker In Maine Gets Crushed To Death By Elephant

A 56-year old elephant caretaker in Maine has been found dead. The man identified as Dr. James Laurita is the founder of Hope Elephants Facility. Laurita was killed by none other than the animal he had cared for.

Trending News The September 11th Memorial Tribute In Light 2014

National September 11 Museum & 9/11 Shrine The Family Room Now Open to Public

Today marks the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attack that took the lives of 2,996 innocent people. The nation will once again pause to commemorate the tragic and terror attack that took place on September 11, 2001. In addition, new changes will be made for this years’ 9/11 anniversary.

News The Five Children

Father In South Carolina Charged With Murder, Bodies of Five Children Found In Alabama

A man from South Carolina has been charged with murder for the deaths of his own five children. The children, ages 1 to 8, were found wrapped in garbage bags along the highway of Alabama. The suspect has been named as Timothy Ray Jones Jr. and is currently detained in Mississippi.

News Captain Carli's Whale Watching and Wildlife Tours

Baby Orca Spotted In Washington Waters: Baby Orca Is First Born Of Endangered Species In Years

Baby orca spotted in Washington waters, in the Strait of Juan de Fuca near Salmon Bank was recently announced by the Center for Whale Research (CWR). Whale researchers are now celebrating the baby orca spotted in Washington waters, which experts said Monday is the first orca born to a population of endangered killer whales in the region in two years.

News Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ER; 9M-MRI@LAX;08.10.2011/620ez

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Crash Report: Hit By 'High-Energy Objects,' 'Split Into Pieces’ Over Ukraine, Dutch Report

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crash report revealed that the plane was shot down over eastern Ukraine in July while flying at 33,000 feet from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. The new report revealed that the plane was hit by several "high-energy objects”, causing it to “split into pieces” over eastern Ukraine. The Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crash report confirmed something that was only once a possibility.

Trending News Exceptional' blue diamond found could be worth £50m when cut

232-Carat Diamond Found In Cullinan Mine In South Africa Worth £10 Million! Diamond Found Was A Dazzling D Color Type II!

A 232-carat diamond found in South Africa is faced with a possible value of £10 million. It was actually a 232.08-carat white diamond that was of “exceptional size and clarity.” The dazzling D color Type II diamond was found inside Cullinan mine in South Africa by Petra Diamonds. To date, four diamond analysts have already come to a mutual understanding that a diamond this special could be priced at £10 million.


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Diagio VIP Lounge

Delta Air Lines Flight Rerouted For Angry Lady Hit Accidentally in Head Due To Reclined Seat

A Delta Air Lines flight was diverted when a 52-year-old woman got mad when an older lady in front reclined her seat and accidentally hit her in the head.

Moxy Milan

Modern Moxy Hotels by Marriott Perfect For the Budget Traveler

Marriott’s Moxy Hotels were introduced today in Milan, Italy, offering a modern twist to the hospitality industry.

4 Students Killed In Ohio Plane Crash, CrashUnder Investigatin

Ohio Plane Crash: Killed 4 College Students As Plane Exploded, Crash Under Investigation

Ohio plane crash which occurred Monday killed four college students, including three members of the varsity wrestling team, from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, said school officials Tuesday. The four deaths from the Ohio plane crash were confirmed by police Monday evening.


Jellyfish Sting Hundreds: Jellyfish Swarm Attacks, At Least 400 Stung In Florida Beaches, Swimmers Treated

Jellyfish sting hundreds at Florida beaches over the weekend, and beach goers are growing concerned for their safety in the seas. The multiple incidents which resulted to jellyfish sting hundreds, that’s at least 400 beach goers, occurred in Volusia County, along Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach.

Damages in buildings and other properties were noted as a result of the magnitude 6.0 earthquake that struck northern California.

Strong Earthquake Hits the Northern Part of California

An earthquake shook the northern part of California on the early Sunday morning resulting to several damages in infrastructures and episodes of power outages.

5 Killed in New York: 3 Kids, 2 Adults Dead in Blazing Long Island Crash

5 Killed in New York: 3 Kids, 2 Adults Dead in Blazing Long Island Crash

5 killed in New York - A family of three kids and two adults died in a blazing Long Island crash Saturday night, after their car swerved off the roadway, smacked into a tree and burst into flames, officials said.

Niagara Falls

World's Largest Water Slide Stands Taller Than Niagara Falls

For everyone that has ever wanted to ride a barrel off of Niagara Falls, their opportunity has come. While you aren't in a barrel and it isn't Niagara Falls, it's the next best thing. The Schlitterbahn Kansas City Water Park has opened up a new ride that is an inch taller than the famous waterfall, so all the height with none of the law breaking.

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