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Stricter Airport Security Implemented in Indonesia


Cats Used as Bait to Lure Tourists Back to Brussels

Newborn Baby Girl abandoned in a hole in Los Angeles

Newborn Baby Girl Abandoned in a Hole in Los Angeles

New LiFi technology 100 times faster than Wi-Fi

New LiFi Technology 100 Times Faster than WiFi

J.K. Rowling in New York

J.K. Rowling Talks about Harry and Snape on Twitter

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal

Saudi Developer Secures Funds to Complete World's Tallest Tower

Food Standards

Wales: Food Hygiene Ratings Scheme 'a Big Success'

King Tutankhamun

King Tut’s Tomb: Researchers Believe a Hidden Chamber Exists

Patients and Infants rescued as Hail Storm caused Lismore Base Hospital collapse

Patients and Infants Rescued as Hail Storm Caused Lismore Base Hospital to Collapse

South Korea

5 of the Weirdest Sculpture Parks in the World

When we discuss about sculptures, the most prominent ones would be those inspired from well-known individuals or characters like Venus the Milo, Abraham Lincoln, the Pieta or The Thinker. It's hard to envision sculptures that are submerged or those that take after a monster hand. They really do exist and exceptionally in well-known spots around the globe. Let us visit and locate the world's strangest sculptures and be stunned at these unusual works of art.


Man marvels at Technology after being imprisoned for 44 years

Otis Johnson marvels at new technology after being imprisoned for 44 years. When he entered prison, these technology that is quite common nowadays did not yet exist. Now that he is a free man, he is amazed to see how these technologies affect human life. He would stay outside for long periods of time just to observe people and their parasitic dependence on technology.

Bora Bora

5 Amazing Floating Villas and Overwater Bungalow Hotels

The word "bungalow" alone recommends a cheerful interlude, a spot where you can live closer with nature. Include overwater and you're genuinely into dream land. Check these 5 amazing floating villas and overwater bungalow hotels.

News Airbus A320neo

Airbus Gets Certification for the A320neo

The European Aviation Safety Agency and the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States have jointly approved the A320neo model of Airbus. The A320neo is an upgrade from the airbus family. It is reported to be more fuel-efficient. Qatar Airways is set to be the first one to receive the deliveries of the planes.

Travel Tips Travelers

Learn the 10 Rules of Packing

Packing is significant. Disregard a vital thing and you're left disappointed and scrambling to locate the closest store in your destination. Pack a lot and you end up confused, loaded with heavy bags and discharging cash to pay for expensive aircraft stuff charges. So it's best to return to the most essential and helpful packing guidelines. Here are 10 packing strategies that every traveler should learn.

Travel Tips G-RO intends to revolutionise Carry-On Luggage

G-RO Intends to Revolutionise Carry-On Luggage

G-RO will revolutionise carry-on luggage because it is designed for those who travel a lot and take short trips. It is created for people who travel a lot for various reasons - be it recreational or business. It is lightweight, durable, and has big wheels which is created to take on bumpy challenges.

Leisure Kyushu, Japan

Amazing New Luxury Journeys to Experience in 2016

There's nothing normal about travelling. You’ll have new experiences and fresh ambiance. It’s also the introductions to amazing people, the authentic encounters, extra personal touches and carefully chosen little surprises that make travelling worthwhile. Check these amazing new luxury journeys to experience in 2016.

News Delta

8-Year-Old's Brilliant Idea on Tracking Planes Earns Official Response from Delta

So when an 8-year-old aviation enthusiast penned a letter to Delta Air Lines CEO Richard Anderson with a thought on the best way to track a missing flight, not just did he get some cool swag from Delta however a guarantee that his thought would be considered and sent on.

Trending News Man Admits Stealing Brain Tissue from Museum

Man Admits Stealing Brain Tissue from Museum

Man from Indiana admits stealing brain tissue from medical museum and selling them online. He was sentenced to 4 years in jail with 3 years suspension. The said brain samples were from autopsies of patients with mental disorders and were being displayed in Indiana Medical History Museum.

Trending News Man films narrow bushfire escape in South Australia

Man films his ride through the bushfire in South Australia

A man from Australia was able to drive through and film the devastation brought about by the Adelaide inferno. George Hooker started to film when he noticed thick smoke and fire in the distance. He was forced to drive through the smoke and helplessly watch as the land was consumed in flames.

Travel Tips reuters/Luke MacGregor

Basic Guide on How to Find a Job Overseas

This is a basic guide for those who want to travel and earn money. Finding work overseas may not be easy, but it sure ain't impossible.

Trending News Tourist Selfie

Experts: It’s Really All About Mobile

Experts reveal that to be able to keep up with today's times, businesses must go and embrace being mobile. Mobile must be an extension of their customer service.

News Pyramiden

Soviet-Era Ghost Town – Frozen in the Arctic

An abandoned mining town in Russia between continental Norway and North Pole is starting to become a tourist destination. The emptied town now features abandoned amenities of the town. One of the buildings has now been converted into a hotel to cater to tourists visiting the icy island.


Google Glass Aides in Successful Heart Surgery

The device has helped doctors in successfully performing an operation.


601 Babies Crawl Their Way to the Finish Line

Six hundred and one infants in Japan crawled their way to the finish line in the new record-holder crawling competition held in Yokohama.

Travel Tips

reuters/Luke MacGregor

Basic Guide on How to Find a Job Overseas

This is a basic guide for those who want to travel and earn money. Finding work overseas may not be easy, but it sure ain't impossible.

Holiday Travel

Tips for a Better Holiday Trip

It's that season of the year again. While many of us can't seem to see past Halloween, we should be aware of the holiday season and its expanding travel costs. Look at these simple guidelines to save your money on your travel this season.


Tips to Avoid Overpaying for a Hotel Room

For years now, getting a good price on a hotel room has become quite the cat-and-mouse game. Here’s a guide you can follow in terms of getting a hotel room.

LEGOLAND Discovery Centers

Trips to Take Before Your Kid Turns 10

Kids are the unspoiled explorers, although they may not seem so at first look. They’re more susceptible to destructions and jet lag, but they see the world with pure wonder, an ability which many of us have let gap over time. So take them to these wonderful places before they reach the age of 10.

Holiday Shopping

Ways to Make the Most of Holiday Shopping

Christmas shopping isn't only the typical shopping centre scene decked with boughs of holly; it's a lot crazier. With numerous so things to purchase thus numerous individuals swarming the paths, ability and persistence are obligatory. Keeps an eye on these 5 approaches to make most of Christmas shopping.

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