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JetBlue cabin

Jetblue Emergency Landing: Jackson Rathbone Tweets Engine Explodes, Smoke Fills Cabin, Emergency Landing Leaves 4 Injured

Florida man shoots grandchildren and daughter in mass shooting, commits suicide later

Florida Shooting: Grandfather Shoots Six Grandchildren, Daughter, Then Commits Suicide, What Was The Killer’s Motive?


California Wildfires Map Reveals Rapid Spread Of Wildfires In Northern California, Worsened By Severe Conditions: Report

A Sydney Sunset

ISIS UPDATE: Australia ISIS Fighters Detained After Authorities Identified Their Plan To Carry Out Random Beheadings In Sydney, Brisbane

Australia ISIS fighters were taken into custody on Thursday after authorities identified their plan to carry out random ISIS-inspired beheadings in Sydney and Brisbane, CBC News has learned.

Passengers refuse to allow politicians on board  after delaying flight by 2hours

Pakistan Politician Plane Delay: Two Politicians Kicked Off Plane By Passengers In Pakistan, Flight’s Two-Hour Delay Because Of ‘VIP Culture’?

Pakistan politician plane delay footage showing a group of furious passengers on a Pakistan International Airline (PIA) flight from Karachi has gone viral. According to multiple reports, the Pakistan politician plane delay video is famous amongst many Pakistanis recently since the incident was a perfect example of passenger democracy inside an aircraft.

News Blood Alley

Blood Alley Vancouver: Reportedly One Of The Most Haunted Spot in Vancouver

Halloween is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate it that hit up a famous haunted spot. Reportedly, there is one in Vancouver that is worth taking a look at. The name of the place alone is sure to give anyone the spooks. Here’s all there is to know about Blood Alley Vancouver.

Trending News Colossal squid at 770 pounds -- as long as minibus

New Zealand Colossal Squid: Footage Of Rare Colossal Squid Dissected Goes Viral, What Is Its Significance?

New Zealand colossal squid found in the Antarctic by fishermen in 2007 has been dissected yesterday by a group of scientists at “Te Papa” museum in New Zealand. According to multiple reports, the New Zealand colossal squid has been kept frozen for preservation purposes and it is only now that it was defrosted and examined by the marine biologists.

News Macau Tower

Macau Tower: From Dining To Shopping And Bungee Jumping

The Great Wall of China is one of the must see tourist spots in the world. However, one must not miss a chance at visiting Macau Tower. Apart from the usual dining and shopping experience, tourist get the one of a kind chance of bungee jump off the 1,108 feet tower.

News The Richard III Society Reveal A Facial Reconstruction Of Richard III

Richard III Of England: Body Found In Leicester, Cause Of Death Identified

Two years ago, Richard III of England body found in Leicester beneath a car park. The discovery was made by University of Leicester’s archaeologists. After uncovering the remains of the Plantagenet king, scientists now have identified the exact cause of death of Richard III of England.

News Woman commits 'suicide by crocodile' by jumping into crocodile pit

Suicide By Crocodile: Disturbing Footage Shows 65-Year-Old Woman In Thailand Jumping To Death Into Crocodile Pit, Why Did She Commit Suicide?

Suicide by crocodile of a woman in Thailand occurred in the country’s capital last Friday, and there is disturbing footage of the incident, said local police. According to authorities, the recent suicide by crocodile footage shows a 65-year-old woman in Thailand who decided to jump to her death into a crocodile pit and end her life in one of the most terrible and public ways.

News Tokyo Rainbow Bridge Panorama at Sunset

Japan Earthquake: Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake Rattles Tokyo, Were There Injuries And Damages?

Japan earthquake which hit Tokyo late Monday night had a reported 5.6 on the Richter scale. The Japan earthquake shook buildings in eastern Japan, including the capital Tokyo, but fortunately did not bring any reports of serious damage.

Trending News Weed California Fire

Weed CA Fire: Small Town In California Damaged By Wildfire Driven By 'Gusty Winds'; Evacuees Return Home After Authorities Contain Blaze

Weed CA Fire - A devastating wildfire erupted in Weed, a small town in California, on Monday, burning down numerous homes, destroying a church and alarming about 1,500 local residents to evacuate the area.

Trending News Arbeit Macht Frei

Oskar Groning, 93-Year-Old Auschwitz Guard Faces Trial For 300,000 Counts Of Accessory To Murder?

Oskar Groning was once referred to as the “accountant of Auschwitz.” He is also one of the few former Nazi guards assigned at the death camps to speak out against those who denied about the occurrence of the Holocaust.

News Sturgeon with reflections

Chinese Sturgeon Extinction: Rare Sturgeons In China Going Extinct After 140 Million Years, Polluted Yangtze The Cause?

Chinese sturgeon extinction is a concern currently raised by scientists at the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences (CAFS). According to multiple reports, they recently conducted a survey to determine the population of the species, and the prognosis was grim. The Chinese news service Xinhua reports that the Chinese sturgeon extinction is imminent, since the fish species, which is one of the world’s oldest living species and has been around for about 140 million years, has not reproduced since last year.

Trending News Hurricane Rick / October 20, 2009

Cabo Hurricane Season 2014: Strongest Storm Recorded Called Odile Hits Resort Town: 'It Is The Worst Case Scenario For The Region'

Cabo Hurricane Season 2014 - in line with the Eastern Pacific hurricane season, a pretty strong tropical cyclone has invaded the west coast of Mexico and even damaged the famous resort town Cabo, reported.

News Koh Phi Phi, thailand

British Tourist Killed In Thailand 2014: Bludgeoned To Death In Koh Tao, Southern Thailand

Thailand is known for its beautiful beaches, its impressively built ruins and monuments some of which are made out of gold. Around 2.5 million tourists visit the country despite the political conflicts and protests early in the year. However, would the number of tourists decrease after the death of two British tourist killed in Thailand 2014?

News United States Navy Carrier USS Saratoga

USS Saratoga Wreck: Best Diving Attraction In Bikini Atoll

Scuba divers travel across the world to the best diving attractions of which mostly involve ship wrecks. Marine life transform such wrecks into remarkable underwater habitations. While there are more than a hundred diving attractions in the world that warrant a dive, one that shouldn’t be missed in the USS Saratoga wreck.


Travel Tips

Mickey Pool

Disney Cruises 2015: From Transatlantic Sails To Caribbean Cruises

The magic of Disney isn’t only stationary in its theme parks scattered over the globe. In fact, Disney offers a number of destinations for the Disney Cruises 2015. From Caribbean cruises to sails in the Transatlantic, here are all the destinations offered by Disney Cruises 2015.

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Suchomimus Swimming

First Swimming Dinosaur Found: 50 Feet Spinosaurus Fossil Unearthed in Morocco

First swimming dinosaur found- A new horde of fossils have been unearthed from the Sahara revealing that the largest known predator to walk the earth was also an excellent swimmer.

Behind The Scenes At The Invictus Games

Camilla Thurlow And Prince Harry: Another Royal Couple In The Making, Possible Marriage?

Camilla Thurlow and Prince Harry are becoming the next couple watched by many. Will the couple become the next official royal couple stepping into marriage? Fans could only hope. Meanwhile, Camilla Thurlow recently expressed her disappointment for Prince Harry’s 30th birthday party being called off.

Two Vietnam Vets Honored: American Soldiers Awarded with Medal of Honor Decades after Gallantry

Two Vietnam Vets Honored: American Soldiers Awarded with Medal of Honor Decades after Gallantry

Two Vietnam vets honored - President Barack Obama reportedly bestowed the Medal of Honor, America’s highest military honor, on Monday, to a pair -one living and one who died in battle - of soldiers who fought in the Vietnam War.

manchineel - hippomane manchinella fruit - 1-2

Manchineel Tree Florida: One Of The World's Most Dangerous Tree

Mother Nature may be the source for every human need however there are a few elements in it that are dangerous to the lives of humans. Out of the ten most dangerous plants in the world, there is one tree that humans don’t need to touch to feel its effects. This is none other than the Manchineel Tree Florida.

In this handout from NASA/Solar Dynamics Observatory, a solar large flare erupts off the sun June 7, 2011 in space.

Solar Flares Today 2014: 'Extreme' Solar Flare Hit Earth, Aurora Borealis Friday? How Is The Earth Affected?

Solar flares today 2014 appear to be growing stronger. According to multiple reports, one of the solar flares today 2014 that erupted from the sun toward Earth are the X-Class kind, which is known to be extreme and the most dangerous kind. The flare hit the Earth yesterday and another one will be hitting the planet today, which could reportedly cause an Aurora Borealis phenomenon.

Lake Tahoe, NV, Sand Harbor (2) 9-2010

Lake Tahoe Earthquake Today: Magnitude-3.5 Earthquake Rattles Near Tahoe Vista, Calif.

Lake Tahoe earthquake today rattled near Tahoe Vista, Calif. and fortunately, it wasn’t strong to have produced injuries to residents of the area. According to multiple reports the, the Lake Tahoe earthquake today was of a magnitude 3.5.

Italy, Campania, Napoli district, Capri, Faraglioni, Seascape with rocks

Isola La Gaiola: The Cursed Island In Italy

Italy is filled with beautiful tourist spots such as the impressive structures of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. While some of the tourist spots in Italy are open to the public, there is one island that despite its’ beauty is said to be cursed. Isola La Gaiola found in the province of Naples is allegedly cursed.

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