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A view from an apartment overlooking the Blanco River

Blanco River Flash Floods Reach Historic Levels, Residents Evacuate With 350 Homes Flooded, I-35 Closes

43 killed in Mexico shootout between police and suspected drug cartel

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Mexico Cartel Shootout Kills 43

The Cromwell Las Vegas

The Cromwell Las Vegas Offering Game-Changing Boutique Style Superlative Rooms, Suites And Services

SLS Las Vegas

SLS Las Vegas Hotel, Casino Bouncing Back After Refinancing Debt

After struggling to re-establish itself amid debt problems, SLS Las Vegas is finally back in the game to compete with other grand hotels on the Strip, the Wall Street Journal has learned.

Isla Vista Shooting

Isla Vista Shooting 2015 News: Four People Rushed To The Hospital Following Shooting, Assault

Isla Vista Shooting 2015 — A shooting in Isla Vista near the UC Santa Barbara left at least four people—comprising two alleged gunmen and two students—wounded. Hence, they were rushed to the hospital on Tuesday.

Leisure Wisteria Gardens

Truly Enchanting Places

We all love that the perfect vacation spot that we venture to again and again. But sometimes we crave something else, something that draws our senses. A place that calls to our inner emotions, our inner poet. Here are some places that do just this.

News Amazon Rainforest

Lost White City Of Monkey God Found In Honduras Rain Forest: Discovery Straight Out Of 'Raiders Of The Lost Ark', How Was City Discovered? What Was Found?

Lost White City Of Monkey God – In an astounding new discovery, researchers have come upon the Lost City of Monkey God in a hidden part of the Honduras Rain Forest. The discovery is quite surprising that it appears to have come out of a scene from the “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” How such discovery made and what was found in the Lost White City of Monkey God?

News Cats in Aoshima Island outnumber humans six-to-one

Aoshima Island: Cat Island In Japan, Cats Outnumber Humans Six-To-One? [VIDEO + PICS]

Aoshima Island may be unheard of by some, but in Japan, it is known to be a small, remote island in the southern part of the county where cats outnumber humans six to one. The cats in Aoshima Island either curl up in abandoned houses or nonchalantly prance about the fishing village in the mile-long island.

Trending News Two inmates killed after prion riot at the Tecumseh State Correctional Institution in Nebraska

Nebraska Prison Riot: Two Killed In Tecumseh State Correctional Institution, Prison Understaffed? [VIDEO]

Nebraska Prison Riot – Two inmates were found dead and several people were found injured Monday after a maximum security prison in southeast Nebraska suffered a wild uprising Sunday. The facility is now under control by officials again.

Trending News Man Randomly Shot 4 People Dead After Fight With Girlfriend In Menasha, WI

Menasha, Wisconsin Shooting: 4 Killed, 1 Injured In Murder-Suicide, One Of Deadliest Shootings In Fox Cities [PHOTOS + REPORT]

Wisconsin Shooting – Four people were killed and one person was critically injured after the Menasha, Wisconsin shooting spree that occurred on the Fox Cities Trestle Trail bridge Sunday night, according to police.

News Alaska Airlines plane makes emergency landing in Vancouver

Alaska Airlines Makes Emergency Landing In Vancouver International Airport

Alaska Airlines emergency landing shortly before 5 p.m. local time on Sunday occurred at the Vancouver International Airport. The Alaska Airlines Flight 76 was en route from Juneau to Seattle, according to the Alaska Dispatch News.

Trending News Iconic Riviera Casino Closes After 60 Years

Riviera Casino Closes After 60 Years

Riviera Casino closes after 60 years on Monday noon. The iconic Riviera Hotel & Casino with its 2,000 rooms closed its doors after becoming the first high-rise on the Las Vegas Strip.

Trending News Chinese Construction road workers unearth nest of 43 fossilized dinosaur eggs

43 Fossilized Dinosaur Eggs, China Road Workers Unearthed [PHOTOS + REPORT]

Fossilized Dinosaur Eggs China – 43 fossilised dinosaur eggs have been discovered by road workers laying a sewage pipe in the city centre of Heyuan in Guangdong province in south-east China.

Trending News Perfect 100-carat diamond sold at $22 million in New York auction

100 Carat Diamond Auction: ‘Exceedingly Rare’ Diamond Sold For $22 Million At New York Auction

100 Carat Diamond Auction – At the Magnificent Jewels auction that began at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, an “exceedingly rare” and "perfect" 100-carat diamond in a classic emerald cut was sold for over $22 million.

Trending News Gabriel Raines, 38, arrested after shooting co-worker at Kia plant per Troup Co

Kia Plant Shooting: Injures 1, Shooter Arrested In Troup County

Kia Plant Shooting – Shortly after 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, a person went into the general assembly plant at Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia in West Point and shot his co-worker. The injured victim was reportedly airlifted to Midtown Medical Center in Columbus, after which he identified only one person as the shooter in the Kia Plant shooting incident.

News Asiana Airlines plane skids off runway in Japan, injuring more than 20 people

Asiana Plane Skids Off Runway: Crash Landing At Hiroshima Airport Leads To Twenty Injured

Asiana Plane Skids Off Runway – On Tuesday evening, an Asiana Airlines plane overran a runway while it was landing at Japan's Hiroshima Airport. After the Asiana plane skids off runway, Hiroshima Airport was prompted to close temporarily, according to the Japanese transportation ministry.

Trending News Suspect in deadly Wayne Community College shooting arrested on Daytona Beach, Florida

Wayne Community College Shooting: College Employee Shot Dead, Suspect Arrested In Florida

Wayne Community College Shooting – The 20-year-old suspect for the death of a longtime employee at Wayne Community College in Goldsboro, North Carolina on Monday morning has been caught. The suspect who shot the employee to death was taken into custody early Tuesday in Florida, according to the Goldsboro Police Department.

Travel Tips

Kas, Turkey

Things to Consider While Planning the Perfect Summer Adventure

It is difficult to figure out where to go when there are so many amazing and breathtaking places around the globe to choose from. But there are a couple of important qualifications that can help narrow down the options: safety, weather, and expense.

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Jodi Arias Update

Jodi Arias UPDATE: Convicted Murderer To Live In Prison For Life Without Any Chance Of Parole

Jodi Arias’ latest update reveals that the convicted killer is getting a sentence of natural life in prison with no chance of parole. Now that the sentence has been given, the 2008 murder case that made headlines for its salacious details is finally closed.

No reports of injury after a magnitude 3.5 quake in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Earthquake: 3.5 Magnitude Quake Shakes West Los Angeles Five Hours After Smaller Quake, Due To Drilling?

Los Angeles Earthquake – On Sunday night, the U.S. Geological Survey reported that a magnitude 3.5 earthquake shook the Baldwin Hills section of Los Angeles. Residents on social media described the recent Los Angeles earthquake as a “quick jolt.”

Collegiate rowing team gets attacked by Asian carp

Asian Carp Attacks Rowers, Flies Towards Them? [VIDEO]

Asian Carp Attack – Early Friday morning, the Washington University in St. Louis freshman men's rowing team experienced an unexpected scene with a swarm of Asian carp. The Asian Carp attack occurred as swarm flew out of the water and seemingly attacked, or to be more specific, slapped them in the face.

20 sleeping dam workers were killed Balochistan, Pakistan

Dam Workers Killed: 20 Sleeping Workers Gunned By 40 Men In Pakistan

Dam Workers Killed – Early Saturday, gunmen in Pakistan's southwestern Balochistan province shot and killed at least 20 sleeping workers, while wounding three at a dam construction site. The attack which had the dam workers killed is now considered the deadliest attack in recent times which targeted civilians in a region with low-level insurgency.

Disturbing video shows horse thief being beaten by police in California

Horse Thief Beaten By Police: Shocking Footage Shows 11 Officers Brutally Beating Thief, Gets Internal Investigation [VIDEO]

Horse Thief Beaten By Police – A video showing more than ten deputies beating and kicking a suspected horse thief is making headlines. The footage of the showing the horse thief beaten by police has been recorded by an NBC Los Angeles helicopter Thursday, and it lasts for about two minutes.

Six Thais, one Italian injured in car bomb blast on Thailand's Samui island

Thailand Car Bomb Explosion: Injures 7 In Popular Resort Island, Act Of Islamic Insurgency?

Thailand Car Bomb Explosion – On Friday, a bomb exploded at the Central Festival shopping mall in Samui Island in Surat Thani province, one of the country’s popular resort islands. The Thailand car bomb explosion, which went off in the basement of the mall after a fashion show at 11:30 p.m., injured seven people, according to authorities.

7 died in a plane crash near Bloomington, IL while returning home from NCAA championship game

Bloomington, Il Plane Crash: 7 Dead While Returning From NCAA Tournament, NTSB Investigating

Bloomington, Il Plane Crash – Seven people died after a small plane crash in McLean County, Illinois, near the Bloomington airport Tuesday while on its way home from the NCAA basketball tournament in Indianapolis. Authorities said that two members of Illinois State University's athletic department were amongst those killed in the Bloomington, Il plane crash.

Dozens arrested as violence erupts at Kentucky's basketball celebration

Lexington Fans Arrested: Wildcat Fans Rampage Over Loss, 31 Arrests Made

Lexington Fans Arrested – Following the loss of Wildcats to the Badgers, a number of Wildcat fans were left bewildered over the loss. However, some fans were quite enraged that they took their rage literally with a number of fires spread in the University of Kentucky’s Lexington Campus.

Caribbean Beach

Delaware Family Pesticide: Family In Critical Condition Following Alleged Pesticide Poisoning At Caribbean Resort

Delaware Family Pesticide – What should have been a safe and enjoyable Caribbean getaway turned out to be a deadly one. A family from Delaware is in serious condition following an alleged pesticide poisoning at the Sirenusa Resort on St. John in the US Virgin Islands.

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