An alphabetical approach to creating one's upcoming travel itinerary is not exactly a random high-risk selection method. There are A-initial capitals that prove to be interesting vacation prospects. For this article, these choices are chronologically arranged in ascending order in terms of tourism prestige:


What Algeria lacks in economic prosperity and overall national security, they always make up for exotic appeal. People visiting Algeria can truly appreciate how a resilient nation managed to tame a portion of the inhospitable Sahara Desert. Algiers is a complete package of good dining, shopping and sightseeing experience. Arguably the most attractive proposition for visiting Algiers is its nightlife scene - a splendid juxtaposition of strict Muslim tradition and loose secular leisure.

Western travel advisory may not recommend visiting Algiers as far as security is concerned, but anyone willing to get out of their comfort zone can explore this misunderstood country. After all, Algiers is nowhere as fractionally unsafe as Baghdad or Aleppo.


People visiting Jordan can appreciate its noteworthy multicultural diversity, despite having a predominantly Islamic system of government. The nation's capital city is a doorway to many of its wonderful UNESCO World Heritage Sites like the Dead Sea, Wadi Rum, and Petra. Although tourists often have a habit of visiting Amman as a mere stopover to its neighboring municipalities, this city is slowly becoming more attractive to newcomers due to its budget-friendly environment.

When visiting Amman, it is important for tourists to maximize cost-efficient spending, especially in terms of accommodations. The best way to cut down expenses while visiting Jordan's capital is to choose inns over hotels.


Given that Netherlands is the most populated country in Europe, it stands to reason that outsiders visiting Amsterdam significantly contribute to this demographic excess. There are a number of reasons why one would be visiting the Netherlands, but most of these often revolve around its undying exotic appeal.

Since bicycles are the only things that exceed its local population, it is always a good idea to roam around the brick-paved village-like city on two wheels. Warning: although Amsterdam is relatively tolerant, public drunkenness and illegal possession of marijuana is still a penalizing misdemeanor.