Just for the sheer fun of it, a creative way to make an itinerary for prodigious travelers is to alphabetize the bucket list of capitals worth visiting. The following first cities featured in this article share a distance of at least several thousand miles from each other. Hence, tourists can choose between Athens, Apia or Asuncion as their next vacation destination.


Looking for reasons to visit Athens, the first city of Greece, is a no-brainer. The rich heritage cultivated in this part of the world is arguably unrivaled. It wasn't called 'the Cradle of Western Civilization' by mere accident. But apart from visiting the Parthenon, Acropolis and the Ancient Agora, visitors also travel to Athens for nightlife.

In fact, Athens has one of the most flamboyant nightlife scenes in Europe. Classier open-air bistros and commercial establishments are located around Syntagma Square.


Anyone looking for a distant island sabbatical should visit Apia, the capital city of Samoa. This place is one of the best scenes for underwater adventures in the Pacific. Apart from relaxing at one its several beaches, this city is home to Samoa Cultural Village - an authentic indigenous community open to visitors all year round.

As a predominantly Catholic nation, Apia also has a number of beautiful churches. Curiously, the 19th Century novelist Robert Louis Stevenson spent his last days in a village called Vailima - where the Louis Stevenson Museum now stands.


Among several places in South America, perhaps the capital city of Paraguay is deemed one of the most low-key tourist destinations. Despite the stereotypes associated with this region, many would still visit Asuncion because it is one of the few places in South America that is virtually free of violent crimes.

Apart from being an 'under-the-radar' site, Asuncion is notoriously cheap. In fact, any visitor can thrive in this part of the world for as little as $20 a day!