Have you heard of that hoax when the country releases an April Fool's joke on Sushi Kitkats? Well, it seemed like they're real, after all, Japan is known for its oddness, even if it comes in the form of food.

But no, they're not made with real egg, tuna or sea urchin - they were just designed to look like that. Though all of the sweets are wrapped in seaweeds, we'll have you know that each one of them is "fruitilicious."

 The Maguro 'tuna' KitKat is made of raspberry flavoring that sits on top of white chocolate, puffed rice. The other two are the Tamago 'egg' KitKat which tastes like pumpkin sweets and the Uni 'sea urchin' KitKat has Hokkaido's best melons flavors.

Better, right? Sadly, it's only available on February 2 to 4 at Ginza, Tokyo. Only the first 500 customers will be accommodated, and who knows who among them would buy this unique KitKat bar for 3,000 yen.

Yes, it's not cheap. But the experience of buying and eating it seems to outweigh the price.

Facts about the KitKat bar

Don't you know there are 300 flavors of KitKats in Japan? Special editions of the chocolate bar are released every year, and 2017 was blessed with sushi.

In the past, we've seen the famed matcha, ginger ale, red chili, wasabi, Japanese sake and apple cider among many others. Try catching them in Japan.

Their flavor and texture range from soft and sweet to rugged and bitter. Most KitKat flavors though were discontinued despite their popularity like the Yuzu Lemon KitKat and Red Chili KitKat - which disappoint die-hard KitKat fans.

The US, UK, and Australia are seen to be coveting many KitKats as the countries proclaim to be KitKat lovers. And why not? Nestle acquired KitKat.

So, if you have a family or a friend in Japan, let them know you want some. And to be fair, you have to pay them back.