For airline passengers traveling with pets, it's usually a standard policy to put the dogs in the cargo of an aircraft. It's rare that dogs get allowed to travel with their owners in the main cabin itself, but in Japan, one of their local airlines recently introduced a special flight that allowed their owners to board the main cabin with their dogs.

Last Friday, Japan Airlines Boeing 737 took off from Narita airport near Tokyo on a special flight with dog owners and their pets. This service was called "wan wan jet service" and it included a special three-day package tour for their passengers and their pets.

It was December last year when Japan Airlines announced their special chartered service, but as soon as the announcement kicked off, reservations for the tour were instantly snapped up and fully booked within just an hour, according to them. The package tour cost started around $1,300.

60 people and 30 dogs got the chance to participate in this special pet flight service by Japan Airlines, and from Narita Airport they set flight to Kagoshima Prefecture, a place in southwestern Japan that took 2 hours of travel time. From there, the happy dogs and their owners stayed in hotel rooms together, ate together, and did pet-related and sightseeing tours.

Two veterinarians accompanied the passengers on their "ruff" adventure. Aside from the "wan wan jet service" and hotel and sightseeing escapades, the tour also included "dog treats, a boarding certificate with a photo and free crate training before departure, depending on customer preferences," according to Lonely Planet.

Because of the positive feedback of their special pet tour, a Japan Airlines representative told the media that they might release more pet-friendly services in the future, and will study the growing market more.

A passenger who availed Japan Airlines' special "wan wan" package tour said in an interview: "It was painful for me to check in (my dog) as luggage at airport counters as it always barks. Today it feels safe as it is beside me."