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Five Countries That Are Famous for Chocolates

Travelers Today       By    Glory Moralidad

Updated: Feb 28, 2017 03:05 AM EST

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Chocolate is one of the most sought-after treats anywhere in the world. Other than its sweet taste, many people crave for it because it brings health advantages. For instance, dark chocolate is known to be a mood booster. 

If you're a true, blue chocolate lover, here are countries around the world that loves it as much as you do. 

Belgium. You've probably heard of Belgian white chocolate and Belgian chocolate truffles before, and it's because the country is one of the top makers of the treat. In fact, Belgium loves chocolate so much that it has over 2,000 shops for choco lovers out there. It's pretty amazing for a country that doesn't grow cocoa, but that didn't stop them in producing one of the world's finest sweets. Want to visit the country? As stated before, there are 2,000 shops waiting for you. 

Italy. The country is proud to be the first to produce solid chocolate bars! Also, they boast of having the best chocolate makers in the world like Ferrero, Amadei, and Caffarel among many others. Their love of cocoa spans centuries, and it seemed that the Italians know their craft when it comes to making chocolates and gourmet desserts. Try their Gianduiotto or Modica with some wine.

Germany. This is not just a beer-loving country. Germany also loves chocolate so much that they garnered the title as the second largest choco-consuming nation in the world. In history, chocolate was first introduced in Germany 400 years ago as a medicine. In later times, the Germans developed their sweet tooth and became a world-making choco country. If you're in Germany and wanted some sweets other than that pint of beer of yours, you can try their Mozartkugel or "Mozart Ball" and Schaumkuss or "Choco Kiss" for starters.

Switzerland. Perhaps they are the most popular country to make chocolates. The Swiss sweets are often describe as smooth and velvety because of their quality-made produce. You'll know what we mean when you take a bite of their famed brand Lindt. It easily melts in your mouth and is quite thick yet silky at the same time. They're the top consumers of chocolate as the country perfected its taste, form, and density.

Mexico. Cocoa was a gift from the gods. It often serves as a currency of ancient civilizations and an offering for the deities. The Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas have often mixed chocolate with chili and spices for a greater kick in the taste. According to List Dose, people in Mexico still prefer chocolate as a drink to start their day.

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