Budapest in Hungary is one of Eastern Europe's best-known vacation spots for its amazing architecture and an intricate bank of Eastern European history, especially Hungary's role in shaping the world's history. But Italian, French or Belgian dishes are Europe's gastronomic stars -- never Hungary. But there are five dishes worth knowing about in Hungary.

Eastern Europe is a destination known for its climate -- which is why snow sport tourism is quite famous in the region. Soup is a delicacy for snow sport athletes for obvious reasons. "Halaszle" looks threatening from the onset; the soup is violently red, scarlet even. The mix of paprika, special soup pasta and carp fillets makes this an amazing treat after skiing.

According to The Telegraph, Hungary's national dish, the goulash, appears like a typical meat stew. Goulash is the oldest of Hungary's dishes originating from the early 15 century. For flavor and aroma, along with lamb, beef or pork, goulash is cooked with garlic and bell pepper. Later variations included wine, tomato and paprika.

Sour cream chicken is not a bad idea but throw in a bit of sweetened paprika and you get Hungary's signature Chicken Paprikash. All upscale restaurants prepare this dish in varying quality -- with some of the more expensive ones using high quality sour cream. But homemade ones -- which may use lower quality ingredients -- have a distinct taste that is natural.

Hungarian street food introduces more pastry, pasta and sandwiches native to Hungary. "Palascsinta", Hungary's crepes, are both street dishes and desserts. Diners can choose to eat the dessert crepe "Hortobagyi"or have a typical omelet-style crepe "Gundel" containing meat and spices. Where to find them? We Love Budapest have a list of the best food joints in the capital.

For pasta lovers, there is the Gesztenyepure, directly translating to "Chestnut Puree." While not a main course, chestnuts as a main ingredient in pasta is unheard of; and only Hungarian chefs and home cooks know how rum, whipped cream and pasta works together so tastefully.