The Meat Slapping internet sensation Nusret Gokce, also known as Salt Bae, is the guy wearing a tight white T-shirt wearing black pants and mostly known for his famous ending which is the salt sprinkling at the steaks in the video. He became viral after he posted a video of him carving a steak while sprinkling salt--within just two days the video became viral with more than 2.4 million views. 

Gokce was born and raised in the rural area of Turkey according to according to CNN Travel. When he was young, he worked long hours as a diswasher, and eventually moved on to what would become his forte: meat. 

After years and years of working, he finally opened his very first steakhouse in his hometown. His restaurant would always be fully booked, so waiting in for a table is normal even if you have reserved for one a day earlier. The best part about waiting is that you can see how they cook the steak and its something else and very unique.

Gokce now owns six restaurants all over Turkey and the UAE, where people would crowd up, even celebrities and royalties visit and dine to his steakhouse. Gokce even plans to expand his brand to Europe and London as well. According to The National, waiters in his restaurant all wear a uniform white T-shirts with black suspenders that hold up the jeans making a very classy and sexy look which includes a Turkish mustache.

For the food, one of his famous dishes is the Steak Spaghetti. Made by long and thin cuts of meat, both juicy and fresh, very well seasoned is one of the most sought out menus in his restaurant because of the very smooth texture. There are a lot more menu items that stand out, but right now, it looks like nothing will be as popular as Salt Bae himself.