How far would you take your love for cats? One couple has decided to build a village just for Turkey's feline friends in order to further protect them.

Mehmet and Müjgan Orhan founded the animal welfare group of Street Animals Protection Association and have set up a cat village in Antalya. Mehmet sold his car to raise some money for the cat village to be realized.

"I sold my old car to raise some money to build the village. We have volunteers coming from other cities. We are also promoting our project through social media," Mehmet told Daily Sabah.

The couple lived in Istanbul before watching the Turkish comedy film, Mandıra Filozofu, and got inspired to leave the city and embrace nature. They had help with volunteers in putting up houses for the cats.

The cat wonderland has at least 15 small houses and bigger ones for the cats to live while a separate area was designated for veterinarians. These houses were designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and were placed with heaters if the cold was too much.

Water is available to the kitties in the form of a natural spring by the village. Street cats are taken to the village for proper care so that they can have ample food and treatment.

Other amenities the cats enjoyed are the toys and hammocks they play and sleep with. Wooden steps and benches are also provided for the cat's pleasure.

At the moment, the village houses 100 cats. On weekends and special days, local and foreign visitors went down to the cat village to hang out with their little fur friends, making now and ever a popular tourist attraction.

While others have put up cat homes and cat cafés, Antalya's cat village put love into the next level by not only creating homes for the feline population but rather raises awareness in their health and care.