For those who prefer eating their food with a hint of kick, spicy dishes are a welcome treat. It depends on every person how they prefer the level of spiciness in their food-there are those who like it with just a few amount of pepper, nothing more; and there are those who like to take it very hot, with an assortment of chilies and spicy sauces.

To those spicy food lovers out there, do you think you can stomach eating the hottest and spiciest food in the whole world? Here are some of the spiciest dishes you'll ever come across, which will probably leave you begging for water and glasses of milk:

Widower Curry. The name of this dish itself is frightening, and it is served at Bindi Restaurant in Grantham, England. This dish features 20 Naga chilies-the 2nd hottest chili peppers in the world! Chefs often don safety goggles and masks to cook this out-of-this-world spicy dish, and most customers who dared tried it couldn't finish the whole meal, and sometimes, they even get hallucinations.

Sichuan Huo Guo (Hot Pot). Hot pots are iconic dishes in China, but in Sichuan their hot pots are almost too spicy to be edible. Commonly made with a variety of ingredients to form one big bowl of delicious soup, they even use exotic ingredients like duck blood and pig's brain. However, what makes this dish so spicy is their use of Sichuan pepper oil, which makes your mouth feel like it's on fire.

The 4 Horsemen Burger. Found in the wild west of Chunky's in San Antonio, Texas, this is no ordinary burger. Customers who want to order this dish must first sign a liability waiver and must be 18 years old above to avail the hottest burger on the planet. Why? Because aside from the fresh jalapeno and serrano peppers contained in the burger, it also has ghost peppers-the hottest chili peppers in the world.

Level 100 Fried Rice. Found in a Thai Restaurant in Florissant, Missouri, this fried rice cannot be just easily ordered on their menu. In order to get a bite of this dish, you must have to eat four dishes that have an escalating level of spiciness. These dishes are rated from 25- 75 in their level of hotness, and if you passed all of those, then that's when you get to try their Level 100 dish. Be warned though: Ghost peppers are also present in this really scary fried rice.