Looking to chill in London? Try the rooftop bars. You will not only get the best treatment when it comes to food and beverages, you'll also get the best views while having a view of an amazing skyline.  Here are some of the best rooftop bars in that you must check out here.

Rumpus Room. This is located right at the 12th florr of the Mondrian Hotel. Serving wines to champagne cocktails, this place also offers a fusion of different drinks. This bar is best for chilling as you see the beautiful view of the city below. They play live music every Wednsdays to Saturdays, so if your planning for a different night out experience and a classy one then head over to this bar right here.

Sky Pod At Sky Garden, The City. Sky Pod Rooftop Bar is an all drinking and dining rooftop bar located in the middle of impressive gardens and offers the best views from Sky Garden. Indulged with a fusion of different drinks, snacks and other dishes they offer during the day while enjoying the lovely view from above. When the sunsets, its all about the extensive cocktail lists as London comes to life and live music fills the whole space with energy.

Boundary Rooftop, Shoreditch. According to Rough Guides, Boundary Rooftop includes three different award winning restaurants and bars. It is best to book ahead if you ever plan to check this place out. 

Ham Yard Hotel, Soho. Ham Yard Hotel is one the most recent hotels to London's high end hotel dictionary. Its rooftop is officially for the use of guests only, but surely in the future, events may be more accessible to the public. From drinks to food, they have it all, it is also said that the honey they use in cocktails are locally produced within the location making it fresh as a milk.

Culpeper Roof Garden. Green gardens with a twist of local cuisines? Yes Culpeper Roof Garden offers just that. According to Time Out, this space is used mainly to grow vegetables for its kitchen as well as for rooftop drinking with the best city views. For vegetarians this might be a good place for you to chill since vegetables dishes are offered much here than any other space to relax. For more about the best of London stay tuned to Travelers Today for the latest updates and news.