June 17, 2024 1:28 PM


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World’s First Chocolate Cruise Coming in 2020

“All about chocolate!” The world’s largest international chocolate event held annually in Perugia, Italy called EuroChocolate Festival will sail aboard Costa Pacifica for an eight-day cruise dedicated wholly about chocolate in 2020.


Now Open: Choco-Story New York, The Chocolate Museum and Experience with Jacques Torres

Chocolate lovers must have been so happy when master chocolatier Jacques Torres opened his 'Choco-Story New York, The Chocolate Museum and Experience' for people who love to eat the treat and to those who want to satisfy their curious minds about the history and craft of chocolate making.


Five Countries That Are Famous for Chocolates

Chocolate is one of the most sought-after treats a person would like to have. I mean, who's not fond of chocolates? Also, other than its sweet taste, many people crave for it because it brings health advantages. For instance, dark chocolate is known to be a mood booster.


Take A Tour In Chocolate Producing Countries; Which Country Has High Economic Value Because Of Chocolates?

Check out the sources of chocolate across the world. Discover countries that have high gross value because of chocolates.


Winter Wonderlands In Europe: Must See European Cities During The Winter Season

When the temperature drops, there’s a special appeal to hightailing it to Europe, where the art form of coziness has been perfected over the course of a few thousand winters. These winter wonderlands would definitely make us love the winter even more. Make sure to include these places on your winter travel bucketlist.


The Sweet Side of Belgium

Belgium is known for its artisan chocolate with many critics claiming that the Belgians craft some of the world's finest. There are over 2,000 chocolate shops in Belgium, which is a testament to their passion for chocolate. The capital city of Brussels offers many insights into this Belgian craft.


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