Chocolate lovers must have been so happy when master chocolatier Jacques Torres opened his 'Choco-Story New York, The Chocolate Museum and Experience' for people who love to eat the treat, as well as those who want to satisfy their curious minds about the history and craft of chocolate making. The French chef has built the museum on his SoHo - Hudson Square and is considered as the sixth chocolate museum in the world.

Among what one can find in the gallery is an exhibition about the cacao bean during the Mayan and Aztec times, up to the discovery of the Spaniards and finally, how chocolate made its way to France as a solid candy in the 19th century. The displayed items are placed in a glass case in front of muted walls with some placards that depict the story.

Also, the museum features a couple of things like a faux cacao tree of the Amazon, chocolate pots, molds, cups and chocolate boxes throughout history. Other than the artifacts, various documents and videos are showing the creation of chocolate using ancient techniques.

Visitors of all ages can sign up the chocolate-bar-making class after the tour. Different chocolatiers will teach and demonstrate to make various chocolate confections and candy bars. For the children, fun and educational corner has been created for them where they can dig and find 'undiscovered artifacts,' and at the same time play as a chocolate shop proprietor.

Torres told Conde Nast Traveler, "I'm so passionate about all things chocolate that I can think of nothing better than having the opportunity to share my knowledge and its history. I guarantee you'll go back home with a lot of chocolate."

To those who are interested in visiting, the Choco-Story New York is open Wednesdays to Sundays, at 10 AM. to 5 PM at a starting price of $10. Tours and hands-on choco-making can be conducted if one has booked the experience online.