Chocolates do not only satisfy the sweet tooth of the public but also has a great impact on the economic, agricultural and even holistic aspect of a country. Chocolate is naturally derived from cacao trees and processed into different commercial products which are now sold and distributed across the globe.

According to PRNewsWire, the demand for cocoa is greatly increasing because of the rapid growth of chocolate confectioneries and high-end products. In order to counteract this problem, cocoa-producing countries are already improving their infrastructures and encouraging increased cocoa cultivation.

Furthermore, the economic stability of countries that relies solely on cocoa-production can be greatly affected. With the introduction of modern agronomy techniques, small-scale farmers across the world will be at risk because of lack of technology and latest knowledge on the cultivation of cocoa. Which countries really possess the so-called 'cocoa or chocolate industry'?

As supported by WorldAtlas the countries that greatly produce cocoa with their production per year (tons) are Côte d'Ivoire (1,448,992) , Ghana (835,466) , Indonesia (777, 500) , Nigeria (367,000) , Cameroon (275,000) , Brazil (256, 186), Ecuador (128, 446) , Mexico (82,000) , Peru (71, 175) , Dominican Republic (68, 021).

Famous chocolate manufacturers such as Nestle and Cadbury actually import their cocoa beans from Côte d'Ivoire. Because of increasing demands and introduction of technology in cocoa cultivation countries such as Nigeria, Brazil, and Peru is continuously improving their agricultural skills. Meanwhile, the great places to travel to experience the best handmade chocolates are the following countries:

Switzerland is really known to produce authentic and delicious chocolate. The Swiss chocolate began spreading chocolate from 1890 to 1920. Belgian chocolate is also a famous delicacy because of its aromatic scent. Belgium crafted chocolate as a unique man-made product known almost across the world.

Lastly, Italy known for its Amadei Chocolate was established in 1990. The raw products of the Amadei chocolate are directly imported from cacao bean growers in order to maintain its authentic and fresh taste. Meanwhile, take a tour to Seven Wonders of the World and discover the untold story of The Colosseum at Rome, Italy click here for full updates.