"All about chocolate!" The world's largest international chocolate event held annually in Perugia, Italy, called EuroChocolate Festival would sail aboard Costa Pacifica for an eight-day cruise dedicated wholly about chocolate in 2020. This unique event called EuroChocolate Cruise is the output of the collaboration between the EuroChocolate Festival and the Italian line Costa Cruise.

The combination is excellent, and the event is exciting as it is the first time. Costa Cruises is an Italian company known for vacationers who love international experience for food and services. Passengers from France, Germany, and Spain followed them. This is their opportunity to show expertise for cruising chocolate enthusiasts coming from different parts of the world.

The EuroChocolate Cruise will start April 16, 2020, by departing from Civitavecchia, Italy. As the event commences, it will dock to its route, Genoa, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Malta, and Catania.

The event will be somehow different from the usual EuroChocolate Festival because the 900,000 guests participating annually in Perugia, Italy, will not be of course accommodated in the ship. But the guests that can attend to this world's first chocolate cruise would witness the following activities on board:

1.   Revelations of all the secrets of chocolates by chocolate experts coming from countries famous for chocolate making;

2.   Classes of chocolate and pastry making that also include laboratories and workshops to be led by master chocolatiers;

3.   Renowned chocolate artisans Guido Gobino, Enric Rovira and Pierpaolo Ruta will lead the masters' class;

4.   Individual tasting sessions- chocolate confections will be paired with some Mediterranean dishes;

5.   Chocolate filled dining experience of tailor-made foods and original chocolate menus;

6.   Famous food blogger Sonia Peronaci will host the exclusive show-cooking session;

7.   Chocolate excursion every day at each port and visiting Barcelona Chocolate Museum

The usual on the spot chocolate sculpture-making by EuroChocolate masters, which helps a lot for making EuroChocolate Festival famous will also board the ship.

The event is a unique experience to the guests, which made possible by the partnership of Costa Cruises and the EuroChocolate Festival. For the first time, the fun and the tastes of the greatest international festival dedicated to chocolate will come aboard the cruise ship.

The usual EuroChocolate Festival 2019 will be celebrated hometown in Perugia, Italy, on October 18-27, 2019. Italy's most well-known chocolate company and many others are represented in the event. This 9-day celebration attended by almost one million visitors and locals is located in the squares of Piazza Della Repubblica, Piazza Italia, Via Fani, Piazza IV Novembre, Corso Vannucci, The Terrace of the Covered Market, and Via Mazzini.

Various activities that can be experienced in the EuroChocolate Cruise will also be done in this event, which would entertain attendees such as experimental chocolate tasting, chocolate sculpting, and chocolate art displays. Costa Cruises, as a company will join the event and introduce themselves by distributing their branded Napolitain chocolates. Together with them are the staff of some travel agencies that would offer travel packages.