Nepal's culinary tradition is as rich as its multi-ethnic culture. It is quite impossible to pick the best Nepal eats as each ethnic group has its own specialty. A good suggestion then is to try what every locality has to offer.

Truly diverse and unique, Nepali foods are exciting to savour when you visit the country. They are not just tasty and varied; they are also a source of balanced diet. Because the ingredients are varied, the plate looks colourful and playful. Here are some of important food items you must not miss when you visit Nepal:

Dal-Bhat is one of the most popular dishes in Nepal. It is a source of all nutrients the body needs to get by in a day. Nepalese family eats this twice a day. It has fats, proteins, carbohydrates and other nutritional requirements. Dal (pulse soup) and Bhaat (steamed rice) are served together with Achar (Pickle), Dhido (boiled corn, millet, buckwheat, wheat flour), Tarkari (Curry), and meats.

Momo is almost anywhere in Nepal. It is the best on-the-go food. It is a local version of dimsum with rice flour wrapping almost any kind of fillings like meat, vegetables, onion, cheese, etc. It will then be boiled, fried or steamed. This will then be served with a spicy authentic Nepali sauce.

Chatamari, a rice crepe made traditionally by Newari tribe. The crepe is filled with minced meat, eggs and vegetables. This is also called as Nepali pizza.

The Himalayas region of Nepal is home to yaks. Their milks are fermented and made into yak cheese. A home-made yak cheese is the most precious gift a visitor can get.

Kheer is a rice pudding for desserts. This is usually being prepared during special occasions like pujas, weddings and other religious events. It is cooked by combing rice, sugar, and dried fruits over boiling milk.

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