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Glory Moralidad

Active Retirees

Retirement Plans: Five Cities For Active Retirees

Retiring is not all about rocking a chair. It can also mean that seniors can stretch their muscles and whip up a good time in the great outdoors. Here are five cities where active retirees can look forward to.


Central American Migrants Attempt Arduous Voyage Thru Mexico To U.S.

Life As An Undocumented Immigrant

These stories share by immigrants themselves show that they fled their home countries in search for medicines, jobs, and schooling for a better life.


Ethiopian Airlines

Airbus 350-900 Graces Mumbai's International Airport

Ethiopian Airlines brought the new Airbus 350-900 XWB to Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. The initiative is seen to boost economic trade and ties between Africa and India.


A Greater One-Horned Rhinoceros

Poachers Shot Rare One-Horned Rhino In A World Heritage Site

The greater one-horned rhinoceros are now critically endangered, with only 3,500 of them left in the wild.


An Unsolved Medical Mystery Sheds New Light on Ebola | Michelle Barnes | TEDxMileHigh

Antibody Found From Woman's Blood Cures Monkeys With Marburg, Ebola's Virus Cousin

A little trip from a bat cave made Michelle Barnes ill but fought on it. Now, researchers have found that a certain monoclonal antibody from Barnes can cure monkeys affected with Marburg and Ravn infections.


Alaska Airlines

The Best And Worst Airlines In The U.S. For 2017 Revealed: WalletHub Study

WalletHub released its study of the Best And Worst Airlines in America for 2017. Ten major airlines and two regional carriers were compared against 13 categories.


Montreign Resort Casino

Montreign Resort Obtains Licensed To Rebrand As A Resorts World Property

The Montreign Operating Company has obtained a license to be rebranded as a Resorts World property. It is currently developing a four-season resort in New York, which consists of gaming rooms and 332 All-Suite rooms.


Stad Ship Tunnel

Norway To Build $313 Million World's First Ship Tunnel

The tunnel serves as an alternative route for vessels in order to avoid turbulent waters stemming from the frequent inclement weather hitting the region.


Cherry Blossoms In Full Bloom In Japan

Five Spring Flower Festivals Around the World

Celebrate Spring's floral blooms this year in five different festivals and enjoy a couple of activities like parades, arts and crafts, musical performances and more.


A Trip Through The Heart Of Central Iran

Iran's Bazaar: Surviving Years Of Glory

Iran's bazaar has been in fruition since the 11th century, but not without facing hardships that challenge the future of their survival.


Europe Music Festivals 2017

Five Of The Best Music Festivals In Europe

Europe holds one of the best music festivals around the globe. Here are five of them to watch out from May to July.


U.S. Map

The Most And Least Stressed States According To WalletHub

WalletHub has released the results of its study of the most and least stressed cities in America. Find out who got the top and lowest spot in their metrics.



Parents Taking Children Out Of School For Holidays Without Permission Will Be Prosecuted

Parents can be fined of up to £2,500 or be taken in custody for three months if they failed to ask permission from the school to take their children on a holiday.


US Army

America Celebrated World War I Centennial With Air Shows And Exhibits

Various activities were held to commemorate World War I on its centennial year.


Wintertime transatlantic clear-air turbulence

Severe Turbulence May Become More Frequent Due To Climate Change

Climate change can affect plane turbulence and would increase it's frequency of up to 149 percent.


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