Who hasn't dreamed of staging a night over in a treehouse? It has been every girls' and boys' dream that seems to have come true for many travelers. Treehouses served as a tourist destination in many countries, and everybody can see why. They've turned into lodges to accommodate families, friends or solo travelers to be away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

According to Travelers Today, leisure camping has been more popular among teen campers and even parents. They would like to enlist themselves to unique experiences that have access to recreational activities. Staying in treehouses for one is applicable to the new trend.

727 Airplane Jungle Fuselage Treehouse, Quepos, Costa Rica. An old 1965 Boeing 727 has been refurbished as a tree house in Costa Verde Resort by the Manuel Antonia National Park. For £300 or about $373 a night, you and your family can play as pilot and crew and get to lounge on the observation deck by the plane's wing. It has an amazing view of the jungle and the Pacific Ocean and perhaps, the night sky. USA Today 10 Best List reported that currently, the plane has three queen beds, a flat screen TV, and a fully equipped kitchen amidst 184 species of birds and sloths!

Monbazillac Treehouse, Aquitaine, France. Its rustic elegance will charm any wanderer who wants to stay a night there. Monbazillac looks like a castle itself with all of its turrets and towers standing by its sides. Once you enter the place, you'll be greeted with washed wood boards and Eastern-themed decors. It also has a deck where people can dip in the Jacuzzi and watch the Biron Castle from afar.

Moonstone TreeCastle, Weaverville, North Carolina. Here's another treehouse, or rather, tree castle perched on North Carolina's woods. Its woodsy décor has been perfectly complemented by its interior star-patterned ceiling, while the turret makes an ideal escape from the American life to wonders of imagination. It has amenities, like the outdoor shower and swinging seats that overlooks the mountainside.

Teahouse Tetsu, Japan. As the name implies, the house looks like a teapot surrounded by lots of cherry blossoms at Kiyoharu Shirakaba Museum in Hokuto City, Japan. It interiors might be straightforward and contemporary, but it is a complement to the overall surroundings and the blossoming of the cherries. It looks like a teapot because the chimney acts as a handle while the circular roof window is believed to be spout of the pot.

Free Spirit Spheres, Qualicum Beach, British Columbia. This little lodge is being suspended with ropes and sits on a tree. There are three spheres one can sleep on, namely: Eve, Eryn and Melody, depending on the number of people available to have a campout. It's more of a cozy cabin and makes an ideal base for travelers hiking in the forest or venturing off in the island. Matador Net reported that one can access the rooms through wooden spiral staircases and suspension bridges.