Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that was created during the time of African slavery in Brazil as a means for the locals to defend themselves from the colonists who exported almost 40 percent of the slaves to the new world. The slaves disguised the combat form through the art of dance.

Meanwhile, in this generation, capoeira is significantly popular among people that it was highly used in the film or gaming industry such as Tekken or Mortal Kombat: Rebirth. Anyone can learn capoeira and here's why you should do too.

It's Brazilian culture at its finest. UNESCO called capoeira as an "intangible cultural heritage" in 2014 as it is quite deeply rooted in its history during the 16th century. Other than that, you get to learn about Brazilian language or its people and how they revolve their time in developing the martial arts as their pride form of dancing and acrobatics.

It improves health fitness. Do you want to slim down and remove toxins out from your body? Capoeira is a complete workout that can seriously burn 300 to 500 calories in an hour of practice. And unlike most exercise sets, this martial art requires improvisation that will challenge your body to move and stretch those muscles.

It develops your body coordination. Here's what you'll be improving: strength, cardio, stamina, and flexibility. Capoeira hits your arms, legs, glutes and core as you perform a series of kicks, headstands, planks and other acrobatic poses. And since you'll be moving in a swift, rapid manner, undoubtedly you'll be developing your speed skills as well.

Appreciation towards its music. Capoeira music has a recognizable Brazilian beat made with strings, drums, or simple clappings. It differs highly on the pace of the performer whether they want it to be slow or fast. Music with lyrics has Capoeiristas sing different subjects about life like love, life or history. If you practice capoeira, you'll get to immerse yourself in their music and develop a particular appreciation and love for it.

It's fun. Simple. People of all ages can practice capoeira. According to Glam Asia, "you will often see players relaxed, smiling and having fun during a roda - and you will also feel their energy is contagious!" What do you think? That explanation enough will get you to do capoeira now!