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A Look Inside Five Rage Rooms Around The World

Travelers Today       By    Glory Moralidad

Updated: Mar 25, 2017 04:11 AM EDT

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Are you angry? Do you feel bottled up like the world is against you? You're not alone. That's why people started putting up rage rooms for others to vent out their frustrations. No worries! You can tag family and friends along to support you through the ordeal. Rage rooms are equipped with safety features as precautions for you to avoid harm when you're expressing yourself.

Here are five rage rooms around the world where all you angry folk can release your rage. 

Anger Room Texas. Suit up in your protective gear and smash your way to inner peace. You'll be taken to different rooms reminiscent of kitchens and living rooms where you can destroy things! Choose from their funny packages like "I need a break" (5 minutes) for $25, "Lash Out" (15 minutes) for $45, and "Demolition" (25 minutes) for $75. Angry? Come to the Anger Room!

Debosh Rage Room, Moscow. Choose your weapon! A hammer or a spiked baseball bat? Debosh in English literally translates to "Riot." And that's what you should do when you're there. Pick a room depending on your budget and smash really hard on those computers, desks, and lamps. Prices range from £100 to £350. Once you're done, take a breather and have a vodka.

The Break Room, Australia. Mate, if you want to blow some steam, take a bat and break things. According to these guys, "We put you into a Break Suit, give you a baseball bat and give you one goal. Break things to relieve stress. Also, when you're in there you'll have to play by our rules. Simple!"

Dühöngő RageRoom, Budapest. They have a couple of packages for you to choose from. But if you want to destroy some electronics, try the "Stressed Manager," and listen to some music you like while breaking stuff! It's really fun and the management is so nice that you'll go out feeling refreshed.

Rage Cage, Nottingham. Feeling off? Try their £35 that gives you 20 minutes of destruction on glassware, and pottery. Vent out your anger over electronics too. After which, you can take a break and have a cake and a cuppa tea.

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