Rain got a lot more interesting because of Mexico. It's now possible to shower tequila according to the country's tourism board and Lapiz, the attached agency of advertising giant Leo Burnett. The organizations paired up to create a cloud which will then compacted to its water-based soluble and turn into rain.

The feat was exhibited in the art gallery, Urban Spree, in Berlin to invite Germans to visit Mexico and it was displayed during Germany's wettest month. Moreover, the cloud was programmed to precipitate when it rains in the city. The synchronization allows visitors to drink up much of the alcoholic rain according to local weather patterns in Germany.

Since Germany is the second largest consumers of tequila, Mexico thought it was the ideal display to boost its tourism to the liquor-loving-capital of the world. According to Adweek, Lapiz created the cloud with the use of "ultrasonic humidifiers to vibrate tequila at a frequency that actually turned it into visible mist." The ad agency condensed the haze into liquid as it fell like raindrops.

Visitors to the art gallery can pour themselves a glass of tequila beneath the cloud. Even if it's not raining, there's a tap underneath the haze for those who couldn't wait for the rainy weather to come in Berlin. But, the organizers and agencies assured the guests that Berlin would be raining all the time - therefore, people can drink up tequila shots as much as they want to, whether the weather permits.

Travel and Leisure reported that this display is just a one-off installation and Mexico wouldn't be creating the drink anytime soon in their country. However, in the event, if it does, the country would inevitably experience a high influx of tourists soon.

Conversely, the country is not the first one to test in creating alcoholic clouds. Two years ago, London decided to make a cloud where visitors can breathe alcohol.