Parkour is a physical training that uses body coordination and strength. It's becoming popular to fitness enthusiasts and to people who have little experience in fitness exercises. But, remember, parkour is different than free running and stunt actions.

If you want to know what parkour is, better seek from a pro and head over to these cool parkour locations.

Central Park, New York. It's a jungle out there, and Central Park has wide open spaces and walls for you to run and climb. You can heavily rely on your callisthenic skills and run with other parkour practitioners. It's best to do it during evenings where there are lighter crowds. It has the perfect scenes and formations, but sometimes the park's popularity gives way to heavy foot traffic.

Spot Real, Lisboa, Portugal. The country is parkour-friendly. There are spaces really dedicated to the craft, and the locals are willing to improve and share the training with newcomers as well. In Spot Real, it is the first parkour and freerunning academy in Portugal where it serves as a venue for aspiring Traceurs to train. It is also a community for like-minded practitioners who wanted to share their craft.

Moana Beach, Hawaii. Who says parkour is only for the urban people? Nope. One of the most common misconceptions of the sport that it can only be done in cityscapes. Parkourpedia states that "Parkour was developed and practiced in the trees and forests of France." Therefore, a tropical paradise can never be a hindrance to your parkour training.

A2 Singapore Parkour. This is really a free runners agency and academy. But, it's more than just a free runner's paradise - real parkour enthusiasts can train here. Beginners can even start training for basic run, climb and jump techniques. Hey, they even have Parkour for Kids to teach children to be safer in their everyday activities.

Century Gardens, Calgary, Canada. The place is famous for its concrete blocks, formations, warped cement hills and more. Breathe Parkour says, "Century Gardens is one of Canada's greatest Parkour locations which has attracted international attention." So, why not you?