What was life like during the Ice Age? People have been taught about the Pleistocene era in schools and museums, but a father and son duo would want to recreate that period in Siberia. Coming from a family of Russian scientists, Sergey and Nikita Zimov would build the mammoth steppe ecosystem around 10,000 years ago to be called as Pleistocene Park.

Pleistocene Epoch is considered as the last Ice Age when the Homo sapiens evolved, and the continents had moved to their respective positions today. The park will be located on the Kolyma River and is deliberated as a biological experiment. As of writing, the site has 70 herbivores, such as moose, musk ox, reindeer, European bison and Yakutian horses, according to The Lonely Planet.

Zimov told reporters that they want to turn the grassland to a mossy tundra because herbivores live in the region. There are lots of fossils showing a huge number of animals inhabiting the area but suddenly disappeared due to human activities like hunting. It was then that killed the animals rather than climate change.

The father and son duo fund the park until they started a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for transporting and reintroducing animals to the park. They wished to see the bison and the yak back and perhaps the Amur tiger as well.

The Pleistocene Park started to research and experimentations during 1977 with animal reintroductions in 1988. It currently has five species consisting of the bison, musk ox, moose, horses, and reindeer.

The Lonely Planet also added in its reports that a group of Japanese scientists would like to bring actual mammoths back to roam the earth. The advancement in technology which brings DNA extraction to the test will have scientists form back the extinct animals alive.

They might even have a place at Pleistocene Park.