Nestled in the suburban streets of Queretaro, the Hacienda Jurica will be celebrating World Art Day on April 15 with a new guided walking tour for guests of the hotel where the hacienda's art expert will give an insight of Mexican art and artifacts exhibited in the property. These encompass the country's traditional paintings, ageless sculptures, and century-old horse-drawn carriages, according to a press statement released to Travelers Today.

Queretaro itself has an interesting history of its own. It was discovered by an indigenous group called the Tarascans who named their territory to Jurica, which means "place of well-being." It is a name that the hacienda took into.

Around the 16th century, the city was founded and developed by Franciscan monks. The second viceroy of Spain, Luís de Velasco, administered the region and presented Jurica to a certain Don Juan Sánchez de Alanis. Don Alanis established a hacienda on the estate in Jurica and gave great importance to its architectural aspects.

Decades later, the property turned into an agricultural farm before it was converted into a luxury hotel in the 1960s. Mr. Juan Manuel Torreslandan acquired the property and opened the hotel, Hacienda Jurica in 1969, providing guests all over the world a feel of authentic Mexican culture and heritage.

Most of the interiors and old arches erected in the 16th century were integrated into the property and remained in its place until today. Various stage coaches during Mexico's heyday were saved and given a proper place at the hotel as well. Even the old arches and volcanic stone walls stayed in the current facet of the hacienda.

Guests will expect to know more of the history of the venue on World Art Day. Today, the 182-key hotel also features lush gardens, patios, courtyards, swimming pool and a tennis court outdoors.

There are three lounges for dining ranging from the main restaurant and executive dining options, but the best perhaps is the Calandrias Bar, where old slabs six centuries ago are still part of the interiors. Historically speaking, it used to be the main barn of the hacienda.

Other amenities include the spa, gym, and kids club. There's also a horseback riding activity at the Hacienda Jurica for interested guests. More information about World Art Day and the tour can be found here.