Nintendo players will love this: A Super Mario themed pop-up bar has opened in Washington D.C. and has people lined up outside the establishment for hours for a good reason, in a report told by Event Magazine. The Mockingbird Hill sherry and tapas restaurant in Shaw shared the Nintendo game with D.C.'s Cherry Blossom Pub.

A couple of chimneys, bricks, clouds, stars, mushrooms, and mystery boxes hang from the ceiling will have guests amazed with the decors - but most of all their animatronic piranha plant that darts and lights toward the unsuspecting people in the bar. The whole Mushroom Kingdom was inspired by the 8-bit game Super Mario play.

Meanwhile, Mario can be seen hanging on the wall by the counter, but Travelers Today can't find any trace of Bowser or Princess Toadstool. But asking a drink from the table will get you names like "King Koopa Cup" which consists of Two James Johnny Smoking Gun whiskey, tea ginger, and lemon. Other drinks, according to Travel and Leisure, are "It's a Me, Amario" with sweet vermouth, Don Ciccio & Figli Carcafio, Aperitivo, and spicy ginger ale; and "What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Smaller" vodka, mandarin orange, pomelo and apricot soda, among many others.

About an hour and a half to two hours people waited for their chance to be inside this Super Mario bar. The line starts early as 4:30 PM for people to enter by 5 PM. Any residents or travelers wanting to visit the restaurant should know that the pop-up establishment will run up to April 15 only.

Even the owner of Mockingbird Hill, Derek Brown, guards the door now before any erring individual will let themselves into the highly famous place. "I hope it's the drinks and the decor," Brown told The Washingtonian. "Sometimes I wonder if just the line itself creates the allure."