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Uber, Lyft Rides In Washington, D.C. To Get More Expensive Thanks To Tax Hike

Washington D.C. is set to have a steep 5 percent hike on popular ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft. The tax approved by the council will generate funds for the district’s Metro system.


Olympic National Park

This National Park Is Believed To Be The Quietest Place In The US

An initiative to protect a small piece of land in Olympic National Park called the 'One Square Inch of Silence' aims to preserve and protect quiet places from noise pollution. This silent sanctuary is threatened by activities in nearby airbases.


File photo

2017’s Greenest States In The U.S.

Vermont came on top of the list as the greenest state in the U.S. in 2017 while Wyoming came at a tail end.


Super Mario Pop Up Themed Bar

Super Mario Pop Up Themed Bar Opens In Washington DC

Gamers and geeks will enjoy themselves at the Super Mario themed pop-up bar in Mockingbird Hill sherry and tapas restaurant. Try getting in early because it will take two hours to get inside the restaurant.


MLK Library Modernization Final Designs Fly Thru Video

Martin Luther King Library Has Closed Renovation And Will Not Open Until 2020

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library is now officially closed and won't open for the next three years, various reports say. This summer, the building will be updating its "flagship" branch will consist of constructing a large auditorium and conference center, a ground-level cafe, a newly designed special collections space for researchers and a rooftop event space.


Cherry Blossoms Begin To Bloom In Washington, DC

Free Things To Do In Washington, DC

The capital city of United States has a lot in store for travelers who are looking to experience the culture and sights of Washington, DC for free or without shelling too much cash.


7 Trips To Take By Yourself

Five Best Places To Go For Female Solo Travelers

There is nothing wrong with wanting to travel alone, so here we give you the top five destinations for your solo trip.


Wedding Is Absolutely Stunning In Pristine Beach

Wedding Travel Tips: Five Ways To Score A Cheap Destination Wedding

There are lot of things to consider in planning that momentous event. The place, souvenir, the entourage, foods and above all, the budget. Budget is the start of your planning journey, actually.


IMF Downgrades Forecast For U.S. Economic Growth In 2016

A Glimpse Of America’s History Through Five Of The Best Historic Hotels Of 2016

America is not only home to some of the country's most prestigious hotels. It is a home as well for Hotels who have been part of history for decades. Some of these hotels have indeed stood the test of time and are deserving to be recognized as part of America's historical spots.


Google Drops Donald Trump Out Of Presidential Candidates Search Box

What America Has Googled Since Trump's Victory

You have seen it everywhere. Americans expressing their mixed reactions, mostly distress, about Donald Trump's recent win. It was a big shock for everyone, as if time stood still.



Grandma Almost Died As Great White Shark Smashed Its Head Into Glass Tank

A grandma was pranked by her grandchildren into thinking that she was about to be attacked by the great white shark.



Top 5 Places for a Psoriasis Treatment Vacation

You can now go on a vacation while trating your skin disease.


Pikes Place Flowers

5 Tips for Touring Seattle

Here are some tips on touring one of the best cities the United States has to offer from one of its locals.


Kite Festival

Hidden Gems in Washington State

An article about some of the unique place Washington State has to offer for quick vacation spots.



A New Breed of Mile High-ers

With changing laws regarding possession of marijuana in Colorado and Washington in effect, airports are figuring out ways to dissuade passengers from taking their goods on board, while passengers are figuring out the regulations which can vary from airport to airport.


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